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As an experienced producer and provider of production services in Israel for foreign crews and TV networks filming in Israel , I provide my services to each and every format crews want to shoot: feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos and high-profile exhibition videos. A lot of crews come to shoot for a week, two weeks or even a month; they film documentary shows or parts of series all over the country and visit different locations. Yet frequently I am asked for some ideas to shoot short, content-driven segments, which focus on one particular aspect of the Holy Land, the three religions or certain archaeological sites and their history. I have compiled a small but compact list of filming short segments (60 or 120 sec) for crews filming in Israel, which should give filmmakers some ideas, what they could focus on. Filming in Israel Future Prophecies Segment in Jerusalem Since the beginning of time, prophecies and their human messengers have inspired mankind, causing great excitement and anxiety of what the future might hold for each and every one of us. There are plenty of prophecies connected to Jerusalem, the holiest city in the world, and if a film crew in Israel wants to focus on prophecies and adequate locations, here are some suggestions: The Mount of Olives the site of the Second Coming The Himnon Valley the Valley of Hell, stage to Judgement Day The Kidron Valley the Dry Bones Prophecy surrounding the tombs The Golden Gate the prophecy which sees Jesus walking triumphantly through the Golden Gate into the city of Jerusalem Filming in Israel Nazareth Segment Beautiful old Nazareth is a very important site to Christianity. Jesus of Nazareth spent his boyhood years here before moving to Capernaum to begin his ministry. There are a number of wonderful locations which crews can visit in one day and edit a great segment as an introduction to Jesus life and times. The town of Nazareth old streets, marketplace The House of Mary and Marys Spring The Church of Annunciation The Prophecy of the Birth of Jesus the land of Zebulon and Napthali Filming in Israel King Herod King Herod is often referred to as the Greatest Builder of Ancient Times, and the are numerous ruins around the country which pay tribute to his extraordinary visions and architectural adventures. A segment about Kind Herod should definitely include: The Herodian Herods Palace, near Bethlehem The Port of Caesarea – also recommended for underwater archaeology The Antipatris on the road from Caesarea to Jerusalem The Cypros in Jericho The Temple Mount and Western Wall reflecting on the reconstruction of the second temple The Second Temple Model to be seen in the Israel Museum Filming in Israel Archaeological Excavations in Progress Digging with archaeological experts on the many sites around the country is not only a popular activity for tourists and archaeology fan. Many crews join one or the other dig throughout their shoot in Israel; the choice of the site depends much on the focus of their film. Here is a list of archaeological sites that have continuous excavations: City of David located at the southern tip of Temple Mount Tzipori also known as Sepphoria, just a few km north of Nazareth, great mosaic floors. Jacobs Ford up in the North, ongoing digs with Prof. Ronnie Ellenblum Tel Megiddo the biblical Armageddon, the cradle of Archaeology in Israel, ongoing excavations have uncovered the layers of more than 30 cities Tel Tsafit close to Kfar Menachem about 40 min south of Jerusalem, the site is connected to the battle between David and Goliath Filming in Israel The Way to Bethlehem Crews filming in Israel regularly visit Bethlehem to film the stunning Church of Nativity. For crews interested in illustrating Marys and Jospehs way to Bethlehem, there are some more suggestions here: The Model of the Second Temple (Israel Museum) Mary and Jospeh stop on their way to give praise at the temple Church of the Nativity the birthplace of Jesus The town of Bethlehem Surrounding fields with shepherds and old olive trees Mount Zion Mary is said to have fallen in eternal sleep here This is merely a glimpse of what can be done when filming in Israel the countrys historical sites, the archaeology and the landscape surrounding them never seize to amaze me! Furthermore, the above locations are also covered in our Israel / Christian footage archive of Biblical Productions , for anyone interested in acquiring archival footage. 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