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Focusing on the net about car rules: may cause changes to the travel Sohu Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Beijing in October 9 revealed details about the car network reform signal Xinhua 8, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen four grid management about car draft appearance; 9, Chongqing also publicly the network management about car draft. Due to the five network about cars in large scale, so the five policy rules are considered about network car reform leader, was also seen as the touchstone of taxi reform. What are the highlights of the five ground network about car management? May cause changes to travel? What are the thoughts of management and the signal of reform? Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed the industry and experts. How to give the network around the car on the account? Five in the draft in different degree on the net about car driver conditions more stringent detailed requirements and make clear restrictions for passengers concerned about car insurance, vehicle safety and vehicle information security etc.. These restrictions on the safety of the car about the operation of the car to win points praise. Beijing public Xia Jinglei said that the car is about to worry about the safety of the network. If these are the rules for the implementation of Yinggang Gang, the future car will relax. Details of the draft content is also subject to the taxi and rental companies welcome. EHI founder Zhang Ruiping said, compared with private cars directly to do network about cars, car compliance threshold increased, the cost will be increased accordingly. Previously, taxi and rental companies have complained about unfair competition. Around the net about car travel security rules on this premise, but also reflects the characteristics of "city plan". Beijing, Shanghai, these two mega cities are not only about the network models, license plates are strictly limited, but also to set the driver’s local household registration requirements. Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission explained that the taxi belongs to passenger transport, take up a lot of road resources, increasing traffic congestion. Most of the big cities are carrying capacity management and control of taxi, bus priority strategy, and therefore the number of taxi regulation is necessary. Many people expressed understanding, but also hope that these restrictions do not lead to reproduce the taxi difficult taxi expensive phenomenon, there should be a solution to the problem. People seeking the greatest common divisor of many network about car reform of local traffic department admitted that the network about the car rules for the making process of the draft by the local government departments attach great importance, held a special meeting, and invited experts, drivers, passengers and other representatives of the parties to discuss. In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of transport, the network about the car and the parade car belonging to the category of taxis, they must be managed as a whole, but they should be dislocation development. This is the local government to develop rules for the implementation of the network about the car to follow." Changsha road transport management department official said. There are experts and network about car companies are worried that the draft rules of several cities around the car did not fully reflect the characteristics of the economy, which will affect the development of the network about the car. Shenzhou car vice president Zang Chudo said that although the local rules will allow enterprises to increase costs, but)相关的主题文章:

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