For 34 years to the emperor to eat noodles at a small village, but lost his craft and Sohu

For 34 years "to the emperor to eat noodles at a small village, but lost his craft – Sohu and you do not know love, I have noodles. · · · located on the surface of silver Gong Zhu Lin Cun, Changshan County, Zhejiang Province town ball in Quzhou City, is a very quiet village. Population is not much, there is no tourist attractions. But every year in August and September, there are always a lot of people in Beijing and Shanghai. Not for vacation, just want to eat a bowl of spaghetti, gave the silver Royal tribute. Silver Gong surface, is flour mixed with camellia oil, then add salt and knead, pure hand drawn into the dry surface. Its production process, more complex than ordinary noodles, and more time-consuming. Yang Zhuohua couple in the village of bamboo, every day at three or four in the morning, you have to get busy. Add water to the flour and pour flour and flour. The whole two cylinders, have to rub more than an hour. And then standing up for 20-30 minutes, and then rolled out a knife and cut into strips. Yang Zhuohua and his wife, a person rubbing face, a person’s disk; this end, the end of the collection. Skilled action, tacit cooperation, noodles, such as rope, flying between the two. Then on the chopsticks. Will rub good coarse noodles, wrapped in two bamboo sticks. A circle, not rash, orderly relaxation. Wrapped up, put in the box, wake up for some time. Then put a chopstick, inserted in the noodle rack, hands pulled the other one, down the light drag. A thick face of a finger, slowly growing from a short length to a fine, uniform surface, but long and continuous. All finished, you can put the noodles shelf, carried out the outdoor airing. Such as fine thread noodles, hanging in the sun, like a harp string, the breeze gently blowing, seems to have played a sound. "Hard but Gong surface carpenter, midnight the day." In addition to the complicated process, builders have gong surface, learn to observe cloud wind, weather forecast. The rainy day started, noodles easy to damp; sun poison when dry, easy to dry noodles. At the age of 19 began to contribute, has done 34 years of Yang Zhuohua, now rarely missed. But in the drying process, will not go away. If the weather changes, too late to recover the noodles, hundreds of pounds of flour and a"相关的主题文章:

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