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Look at the big foreign aid market into and out of the AFC or new wave super – Sohu sports Ramirez 28 million euros to join Jiangsu Su Ning, Martinez, Teixeira joined Guangzhou Evergrande 42 million euros to 50 million euros to join Jiangsu suning! Remember the end of January this year at the beginning of February, the super record transfer fee has been renewed a frantic scene? Then the 2017 season of the super transfer market will be what kind of scene, from the current media constantly broke the news, Terry, Gerrard, Rooney, Oscar, Tevez…… A list of our knowledge of the world class players and has super team "contact" together, and in the transfer fee or salary have reached a staggering degree, and the great strength of the Korean players close to the soccer teams. AFC foreign aid reform, the Chinese football association how to do? The 2009 AFC reformed the AFC Champions League League, which in the foreign aid policy changed to "3+1", the three is not limited by nationality foreign aid, and a member of the association of the AFC under the "foreign aid", which is referred to as the "domestic and foreign aid in asia". It should be said that the introduction of this policy, in the past period of time to effectively promote the exchange of Asian football, played a positive role. But the West team are not satisfied with this arrangement, South American foreign aid can be transformed to buy passports of Asian foreign appearances, including this season league 14 finals in the United Arab Emirates AFC Champions League Nussle on the road was found mefE held by Indonesian passport fraud, as a result of Nussle being punished. In recent years the team for "easy" violations, AFC two months ago during a special congress held on India Goa addressed the issue of the use of foreign aid, there was news that the AFC can hope from the beginning of 2017, the abolition of the Asian foreign AFC Champions League limited in the league, but after discussion at present two a scheme to be decided, one is the policy of 4+1, which is consistent with the current Super League foreign aid policy; the two is the abolition of the Asian foreign aid policy, direct foreign aid will be relaxed to 5 people. According to the plan, which will take the final decision in the meeting of Abu Dhabi Executive Committee in November 30th, once confirmed the 2017 season is likely to begin full implementation. But in June this year, held in Guiyang Chinese Football Association registration training meeting, China Football Association has to the Super League club sends an important message, hope can be adjusted the number of registered foreign players in the Super League, from the current 4+1 to 3+1, but at the time the statement is the 2017 season of transition, the full implementation of the 2018 season. Because the AFC determines the direction of foreign aid reform and in the opposite, so Chinese Football Association is to "follow the trend" or "retroaction", we need to get an answer as soon as possible, because it will determine the Super League team in the winter transfer policy and efforts. The super powers are not bad money, but who will grab the sedan chair? In this one season just ended, the super team from the super company where the average get 60 million of the bonus, compared to 3 million 600 thousand in 2012 is a tremendous gap. Though this is相关的主题文章:

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