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Foreign envoys from Jiangxi on Culture: it is the best way to communicate – Beijing, China News Agency, Jiangxi September 24 Fuzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Junwu Liu Zhankun Su Lucheng) held in the afternoon of the 24 day of the "Chinese Cultural Forum, from Chile, Spain, Britain, Thailand and other countries of the Embassy, Ambassador cultural officials said that culture is the best way to promote peace and common exchanges, cultural exchanges are very important tools. 2016 is the three anniversary of Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the death of the world’s top literary masters of the year of the 400 anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu. 24 days to 26 days, including Chinese, Britain and Spain, officials, experts and scholars in the Tang’s hometown in Jiangxi to carry out joint Fuzhou Weng memorial. "Memorial is a review of the past, but at the same time to make a summary of history. That is to make the common historical and cultural heritage of China and Spain as a common language and power to promote cooperation between the two sides, so that everyone benefits." At the forum, the Spanish embassy minister counsellor and deputy hall Long Hua Lu said that the two countries have more hope for the future of young people relay, using digital technology to promote cooperation in language, advanced culture, enhance their international image. Thought in 9 countries worked in the Chilean Ambassador he George, culture is the best way to promote peace and common exchanges, cultural exchange is a very important tool, "I really love the different countries of the writers of the same age were compared. Just like today, although the three literary masters have different cultural background and language, but the meaning of their works can arouse the resonance." Thailand embassy two secret Long Guowei said, Thailand and China has a long history. "We hope that the establishment of China Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing, and actively promote the culture of Thailand, the Thai people, strengthen cultural exchanges between the two countries to build bilateral relations more powerful." As the event’s host, Jiangxi Province, Fuzhou city mayor Zhang Hongxing called, to commemorate the three world literary giants as an opportunity to "China held in this culture" as the theme of the forum to carry out cultural exchanges and cooperation on development is a happy event. "The different countries and cultures, heritage protection, each one has his good points, to explore and share all the excellent traditional culture, promote mutual learning, exchange and cooperation between different culture, realize the dream of a better development, is our common pursuit." Coincidentally, on the same day, Tang Xianzu held to commemorate the 400 anniversary of the death of Cervantes Shakespeare, the opening ceremony, the Secretary General Li Xikui Chinese CPAFFC proposed to culture media, promote international exchange of people, are often able to quickly narrow the distance of people. I hope that the Chinese and foreign cultural exchange activities are only the beginning, not the end, always in progress. (end)相关的主题文章:

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