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Foreign media said Egypt to attack a number of people were killed – General Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on October 28th: foreign media said, according to the 2 Egyptian security officials said, an Egyptian army officer for 22 days in the vicinity of the eastern suburbs of Cairo residence was shot, the gunman may be Islamist militants. According to the The Associated Press in October 22 reported that the alleged victim is Egypt’s ninth armored division of the army commander Adel? Raj Commodore, Ninth Panzer Division stationed in the military base in the west of Cairo Shure deh. No one has claimed responsibility for the murder, but the case is easily reminiscent of the characteristics of the armed forces in the Sinai Peninsula militants. It is unclear why Raj become the murderer’s goal, but in the past there have been militants shot dead soldiers and police. Suspected of being responsible for the mysterious organization "and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood affiliated to Cairo recently announced decision" in a series of attacks, including shooting cases related to former Egyptian mufti (Sharia that officer) and the use of a car bomb attack deputy attorney general. 2 of the victims survived. Raj community is relatively quiet, connecting Cairo and Suez canal city Ismailia road just passing through here. Compared to traffic congestion in Cairo City, where the attacker is more convenient to escape after committing a crime. On the other hand, in the northern region of Sinai, the violence is escalating, security forces for suspected militants stronghold launched air strikes and raids. Egyptian President Abdel – Fatah? Cecilia said in an interview recently, he expected the war in Sinai will continue for a long time, both sides of the conflict combat capability has been improved. The Egyptian security forces against Sinai militants in the war has lasted for many years, since Cecilia military leaders since the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, former Egyptian President Mulsi became even more bloody.相关的主题文章:

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