Found around Mount Huangshan rare plant nothodoritis national number no more than 7000 strains-drop dead diva

Around Mount Huangshan found nothodoritis national rare plant does not exceed the number of rare orchids nothodoritis 7000 strains endemic to China, the new distribution was found in Mount Huangshan. Learned from the Anhui Provincial Academy of Forestry Press, experts in our province in the Mount Huangshan scenic area surrounding the plant recently found new nothodoritis population distribution. Nothodoritis is my province recently found sixth national small populations of protected species, previously only sporadically found in Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Gansu, in the national population of not more than 7000 strains. Nothodoritis appeared in the ancient ginkgo trees purple flowers arranged in clusters, a column with a hook head, curled like elephant nose…… This is nothodoritis, even hiding in trees and jungle, still dazzling beauty. As China’s special rare orchid nothodoritis last century for the first time in 80s by botanists found in Zhejiang Tianmu mountain. Director, Academy of forestry garden senior engineer Hu Yimin told reporters in September 23rd, in May of this year, Anhui Province rare plant survey work coordination meeting, medicinal plant classification expert Professor Wang Dequn, Anhui University of traditional Chinese medicine inadvertently revealed that students with early collection of medicinal plant specimens in Mount Huangshan, worked in several strains of the ancient ginkgo tree village on the west, saw a suspected orchid. The news so that Hu was pleasantly surprised. After the meeting, he immediately contacted the director of the Mount Huangshan Arboretum Fang Denian and Mount Huangshan native plant research expert Zhang Jianji. The morning of June 2nd, Party Denian and Zhang Jianji was in the distal branch near the village in Xi Cha two tall ginkgo trees to see the blooming orchid. Identified by experts, this is nothodoritis. Hefei is expected to take root to grow into a minimal population, which means the risk of extinction at any time, the general population of not more than 7000 strains. The reporter learned that the province had already discovered Ulmus, Mount Holyoke, Dendrobium dabeshanensis, p.subaequalis berchemianeck and gross numbers, the largest number of only four thousand or five thousand strains of Ulmus elongata at least only about 50 plants. Hu Yimin introduction, because nothodoritis parasitic on the tree, the number of accurate statistical plants extremely difficult. At present, 4 have been found in our province are parasitic nothodoritis trees, there are dozens of strains. After Zhejiang Tianmu artificial pollination breeding nothodoritis has been successful, the Southern China botanical garden "in parenting" also declared a success. Hu Yimin, Zhang Jianji in recent years will be blown storm on the branches nothodoritis seedlings, transplanting in Jade Valley camphor, persimmon, Pistacia chinensis, has been successful. Hu Yimin will last several strains of nothodoritis introduced to Hefei were suspended but also withstood the bark cultivation, extreme low temperature and continuous high temperature and drought this year test, is expected to take root in Hefei, growth and flowering. "The State Forestry Center is located in Hefei high-tech Dayang store, also began to try nothodoritis tissue culture." Hu Yimin said, nothodoritis ornamental excellent, through a series of efforts, the next three to five years, is expected to enter the homes of ordinary people. Our province nothodoritis traces of June 5, 2009, our province forestry bureau of Yixian County senior engineer Chen Longfei in the five Xi Shan had photographed nothodoritis whole plant and ecological photos, is Chinese plant image database using, this is my most!相关的主题文章:

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