Frequent job hopping into a prominent problem in the workplace security industry job hopping rate

Outstanding problems: frequent job hopping into the workplace security industry turnover rate by over 100%- net new guests visit: Wei Chang, director of clean and Low Carbon Energy Research Institute of Beijing Luo Chuan: crossing loan chairman and CEO Tan Chun: palm public financial chief strategy officer of employee turnover in the market environment, this is a normal phenomenon, but the frequent job hopping has become a the current outstanding problems in the workplace China. Compared to developed countries, the current job hopping rate is significantly higher in China, especially in the Internet, catering, security and other industries. In some areas, the turnover rate of food and beverage attendants will reach 50%, the security industry job hopping rate even more than 100%. A number of business executives interviewed by reporters, the employee’s job hopping behavior is not reasonable, they are opposed to those blind frequent job hopping behavior. "China at present stage of development, determines the employee turnover more, because the outside more job opportunities in many enterprise managers, employees often leave a lot of reasons, but nothing more than the following: the salary dissatisfaction, too hard work, no promotion and occupation development bottleneck, not adapt to the enterprise culture employee value notreflected etc.. Traditional service industries, such as restaurant waiter, security, the main reason for the resignation of employees is low wages, hard work, career development bottlenecks. But in the IT, the Internet, research and other high-end service industry has a more complex reasons. China’s current stage of development, the decision to hire more employees, because more opportunities outside." Beijing low carbon Clean Energy Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as low-carbon) director Wei Chang told the workers daily reporter. Wei Chang served as the United States GE company executive, currently serving as the furniture has a central enterprises background research institute leaders, and lead the market operations. Low carbon is engaged in new materials, clean coal utilization, distributed power grid research and development of high-tech research. The Institute currently has more than 300 employees, accounting for 44% of doctoral degrees, including more than 10 countries, thousands of experts, is a truly scientific research enterprise. And fully market-oriented operation, the staff up and down, but also at any time there will be the risk of job. Wei Chang himself as "thousands of experts, and has rich management experience and international vision. Wei Chang believes that a country’s employee turnover rate and the speed of development of this country has a very close relationship, GDP grew faster, it means more jobs, job hopping probability will be greater; on the other hand, employees will reduce the probability of job hopping. From China’s current economic growth point of view, although GDP has dropped to about 7%, but in the world is still relatively fast growth. Coupled with the development of a new round of Internet economy, more employees are more normal phenomenon. Not only China, India as one of the emerging markets, its GDP also maintained a rapid growth in this market, the staff is also more job hopping. On the contrary, in the United States and other more mature markets, employee turnover rate is generally not too high, employees can maintain a relatively stable. This view in an interview with a number of enterprise insurance相关的主题文章:

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