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The fund first raised fighter, FOF was born, to grasp the investment opportunities in the financial Sohu – now fund securities stock futures spread, refractory era, how to invest, new public fund FOF strong rise, leading the pace of the times, many fund or repeat the mistakes? The Commission formally promulgated and implemented the "open fund securities investment fund guidelines No. second — fund guide", and many large public fund companies are preparing for their own "wildly beating gongs and drums inside FOF". Huaxia Fund has claimed that the company has set up an asset allocation team, has prepared more than just products. According to the "fund public offering of securities investment fund guidelines No. second — fund investment guidelines" to note: first, the fund will fund more than 80% of fund assets invested in other public offering of fund shares, the fund manager will timely disclosure of fund net value of the fund shares, the fund will fund a notary; to set up a special section in the periodic report and prospectus, the disclosure of related holdings of the fund, and disclose the relevant risks. Two, FOF holds the single fund market value shall not be higher than the net asset value of FOF 20%, all of the same fund manager of the fund held in a single fund shall not exceed 20% of the net assets of the fund investment. The "double 20%" red line is relatively before the "double 10%" red line new investment settings, this setting, indicating that the future will continue to expand the scale of FOF to pave the way. Three, fund managers use FOF property investment in stocks, bonds and other financial instruments, investment varieties and proportions need to meet the fund’s investment objectives and investment strategy. Comparison of the draft, the official version of the FOF increased investment in stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. In the aspect of liquidity risk management, FOF can invest in the restricted fund such as the closed operation fund and the periodical open fund, but it should set up the investment proportion reasonably and make the special risk management system. The fund fund guidelines released has raised many FOF products: 1, Huaxia Fund set up a group of asset allocation across sectors, the relevant team has conducted full professional research on the FOF reserve fund, in the strategic and tactical asset allocation, asset allocation, fund selection and other aspects of both rich accumulation. Has prepared more than just products. 2, Celestica fund to ‘mining’ approach to prepare a number of sets of FOF strategy, is currently the final measurement and selection of stereotypes. 3, GF fund has more than just the issue of special FOF products, is currently actively preparing for the FOF public fund. In 4, Penghua Fund a few years ago began a public offering of FOF products, and with the help of foreign shareholders of FOF resources, markets and products overseas to do a more in-depth understanding and research, and to explore the possible direction of domestic FOF products. FoF is the first choice for investors to invest in the portfolio and no time to invest in financial products. FoF and open-end fund is the biggest difference between the fund’s fund is a fund investment targets, while the fund is 1相关的主题文章:

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