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College-University Are you confused about the acronym G.E.D.? This simply stands for General Educational Development – a test that first surfaced in 1942 during World War II. The G.E.D. Test was originally made to assist veterans in obtaining something like a high school diploma so that they could get into college. When the war ended, the test was made available to all adults. What does a G.E.D. Test do? This shows how knowledgeable a person is in subjects that you normally have in a four-year high school education. You’re not supposed to remember numerous details, definitions, or facts but are expected to show how you think regarding various issues. Your test depends on the knowledge and skills you have obtained from life experiences, radio, television, books, newspapers, and advertising among others. This means that you can pass the test even if you have been away from school for quite some time. If you pass a G.E.D. Test, you can attend college, enter training programs, and get a good job. However, remember that a G.E.D. diploma (like a high school diploma) wont guarantee that you’ll get a certain job or enter a certain college. But keep in mind that most colleges and employers accept G.E.D. graduates. A survey revealed that 92 percent of colleges and 96 percent of employers accept G.E.D. graduates. The G.E.D. Test usually consists of five parts. These are writing skills, social studies, science, interpreting literature and the arts, and mathematics. All that’s needed to pass the test are general knowledge and thinking skills. The test questions are in the form of multiple choice except for Part II of the writing skills test where you are expected to .pose an essay. Several adult education programs, schools, libraries, state governments, and local governments work with the G.E.D. sponsor – the American Council on Education – to assist people who don’t have a high school diploma. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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