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The 3 girls bathing shock electricity problems whether you pay attention to the Sohu – Shenzhen city Longhua District Maternal and child recently, a rental shock occurred in tragedy, 10 years old girl Ruirui at home in the bath suddenly heard a scream, heard the screams of the child after her father, Mr. Wang to check the situation immediately found the child fell to the ground, my father wanted to rescue her, but was unexpectedly died of electric shock, and Ruirui is now lying in a hospital bed for treatment. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. In recent years, with the increase in household appliances, electrical safety has become a big loophole in the home security risks, especially for the lack of awareness of safe use of electricity is even more so for children. For the following three children electricity hidden dangers, parents need to pay attention to. Hidden one: Home socket plug. Children love to imitate adults curiosity, or to pull the plug, hairpins, keys, pins and other small objects into the jack, extremely easy to cause the electric shock. Countermeasures: parents keep snacks in the selection of the socket, using fixed socket should be selected with the socket function to prevent children from getting an electric shock, a child will prevent socket hole finger accessories, when use the plastic socket socket, the plug in the socket hole, can play a very good protective effect. Hidden two: mobile phone, tablet PC. In the summer, each child may be at home using mobile phones, tablet PCs and other devices to watch movies, play games. It should be noted that the existing mobile phone battery, tablet computer mostly lithium battery, electric charge in the core part of the inferior to have full power, or talking on the phone, playing the game while charging, may cause the lithium battery discharge, resulting in a large number of current caused by electric shock, explosion and other accidents. Countermeasures: mobile phones, tablet computers and other equipment in the charging or found that the device should continue to operate at a high temperature, try not to use. Charger should be pulled out after the end of the charger, to avoid a long time due to power line aging, leakage. In the shower, bath, Yu Zhong, rain, water after the wet, wet hand state, do not touch or use electric equipment. Hidden three: outdoor landscape fountain, air conditioning, etc.. The outdoor landscape fountain with lights and lighting equipment, due to the long soak in the water, wire insulation aging will happen, causing water to live, pose a danger to children summer showers. In addition, the outdoor air conditioner plug-in, roadside substation, advertising light boxes, as well as electric poles are prone to leakage, accidentally hit will cause electric shock. Countermeasures: to strengthen the care of children, away from these live equipment and areas, do not take the risk of action. Supervision of residential property units or related management units to regulate the installation of electrical circuits and leakage protector, and regular inspection to eliminate security risks.相关的主题文章:

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