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Good sister and nice sister came the night of the Mid Autumn Festival nice and beautiful music entertainment Sohu – good sister Fu – Mid Autumn Festival Entertainment News as a Sohu with music, singing and dancing programs as the main form of the TV show, 2016 Hunan TV Festival night paid special attention to music programs can listen and watch type. Angie Chiu has been exposed, from Yang Yuying, TFBOYS, Joe Chen, Tan Weiwei, Hua Chenyu and other lineup, really enough people look forward to the evening of the face value and strength, but also covers the old and young all the audience. Today, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival director group and then announced the two group confirmed the guests to join the good sister band and SNH48 girl group. This combination of two apparently aimed at the two big Indoorsman Wen Qing and audience, but also for the night of the mid autumn festival color value and strength to overweight. The green standard for new month Fu good sister from once self deprecating "Eighteen line singer", held a large singing tour to success, composed by Qin Hao and Zhang Xiaohou two big boys clean the good sister band, with fresh and warm ballads by the interpretation, literary youth blitz. Although more and more announcements, music festivals, concert makes "good sister" the creation time is compressed, but they will still take a lot of time to concentrate on the creation of the Hunan satellite TV, in the night of the Mid Autumn Festival on the stage, they will bring a new song for the Mid Autumn Festival creation, full of deep emotional thoughts of original songs "moon". This is the first new single "month", from the creation of Qin Hao, joined the classical string, and the more calm and mature style, make the whole melody flowing slowly, deep and beautiful, there is a kind of classical romantic. "You are the distant moon. How much courage it takes, how long will it take for me to come to you." What language do you want to explain? "Month" gives the answer to this delicate heart. This song has a strong "good sister" music style, but also full of warmth and love song, will serve as a good sister band for the audience to sing a new song in the Mid Autumn Festival gift, Hunan satellite TV on the night of the mid autumn festival. Indoorsman love SNH48 with the white snake when fresh sprout 90 "adorable girl" SNH48 girl group meets the elegant "white lady" Angie Chiu will produce what kind of chemical reaction wonderful? All the answers will be announced in Hunan TV mid autumn night. According to the director group said, "Indoorsman goddess group" SNH48 and Angie Chiu on the same stage for the audience to bring "Long Expecting" opening show. The beautiful young SNH48 left the audience biggest impression is lovely charming adorable sister, but this they will break this label, the new dance of the wind, a surprise show different audience. In order to contribute to the same stage, SNH48 sent in this year’s general election ranking, Feng Xinduo, Lu Ting and other members of the popular cold mo. Of course, the highlights and the biggest challenge is how to style, completely different from the two generation idol perfect cooperation, work together to bring the opening show "find everything fresh and new.". It is understood that Angie Chiu and SNH48 perform the beautiful opening show, in addition to novelty1 in choreography and stage scheduling, will also help!相关的主题文章:

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