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A good way to help children to easily get rid of bad habits – Sohu baby no man is perfect, the children in the growth process there will always be some small problems or bad habits. Every parents want their children to become a perfect success, once the child has a bad habit, parents will want the child to get rid of bad habits as soon as possible. However, a habit change is not a short duration of time can be completed, as the saying goes More haste, less speed. If Mom and dad mom used the wrong strategy, it can not play a good effect, the child’s bad habits can not be successfully removed. So, how to help children correct bad habits? Let’s take a look at it. First, what is wrong with mom and dad 1 screaming children may develop a lot of bad habits in the process of growing up. In the face of such children, parents of children in the education process will probably lose patience, when children do not listen to your speech, you may use "to blame the child, want to raise a hue and cry" let the children to listen. Mom and Dad ‘shouting’ in a moment to make the child feel particularly afraid. Not only can not get rid of the bad habits of children, but also on the child’s psychological impact. At the same time, if the father and mother to the child’s’ shouting ‘more times, the child is not happy, may ignore the parents. Therefore, if parents want to ‘trim’ the child’s bad habits, in the process of educating children must control their temper, do not roar. 2 words against some parents with their children’s bad habits, may be free to abuse children. Like mom and dad will scold the child: "how did I give birth to you such a stupid child, look at other people’s children how good ah." These derogatory language will cause great harm to the child’s self-esteem, so remember not to "attack" children. 3? So many parents with their children’s bad habits will take her coping style?. Mom and dad will not stop the children of bad habits in daily life, if things go on like this will make children feel particularly disgusted, so avoid mom and dad quarrel, if the number of words, may let the children hate to stay at home, in the face of the child’s bad habit does not necessarily have to. "Chatter without stop. 4 a lot of parents will take a ‘contrast’ way to educate children. Mom and dad will say: "you are good habits of small partners, why can not you develop a good habit." Children are eager for the love of mom and Dad, if Mom and dad always praise other children, and belittle their children, the child can not get rid of their bad habits, and even add new bad habits. So what is the best way to change the bad habits of children? Two, change the bad habits of children good strategy 1 timely correction in the discovery of the child’s bad habits, parents should be calm and the children to talk, let the children know where they are wrong. When mom and dad in conversation with the child, not yelling, do not use some insult to take相关的主题文章:

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