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Guangdong issued a document to prohibit the sale of real estate advertising publicity and building the most expensive land king of Guangdong issued a document to prohibit the sale of real estate advertising propaganda of the most expensive land Lou Wang Nanfang Daily News (reporter Liu Qian) to implement the "People’s Republic of China advertising", "real estate advertising Regulations" and other laws and regulations, regulate the province’s real estate advertising activities, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the masses Guangdong Province Administration of industry and commerce, housing and Urban Construction Department of Guangdong province and 29 issued a notice on further regulating the province’s real estate advertising activities. Notification requirements, the release of real estate advertising should have valid documents. The pre-sale of commercial housing projects must obtain the project issued by the local housing and urban construction, real estate departments of the pre-sale permit, the real estate intermediary service institutions to real estate development enterprises, issued the pre-sale of commercial housing projects sales of real estate advertising. Real estate sales advertising content must be true, accurate, and shall not mislead, deceive the public and do not meet the pre-sale of commercial housing project content, and stated the number of commercial housing pre-sale permit and certification authority. Commercial housing sales advertising and promotional materials are expressly matters, the parties should be agreed in the sale of commercial housing contract. Real estate project location map should be accurate, clear, the proportion of appropriate. Housing information should be true, the housing area should be clearly stated as the construction area or construction area within the jacket. Housing prices should be clearly expressed as the actual sales price, and express the validity of the price. Sales of real estate advertising prohibits the publication of the following contents: contain the appreciation or return on investment commitment; to the project in a specific reference to the time required for the project location; as misleading publicity for the planning or construction of transportation, commercial, cultural and educational facilities and other municipal conditions; with Feng Shui, divination and other feudal superstitious, have contrary to good social propaganda content; the most expensive land, Wang; other circumstances prohibited by laws and regulations. The notice also proposed that the real estate development companies, real estate intermediary service agencies issued false advertising real estate and issued false propaganda to deceive and mislead buyers, buyers who make damages to the lawful rights and interests shall bear civil liability. In the case of false advertising, the Advertiser shall be responsible for the authenticity of the contents of the advertisement, and the advertisement operator, the publisher who knowingly or should know that the advertisement is still in the design, production and distribution, shall bear legal liability according to law. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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