Guangdong Lianshan Zhuang family festival send Vulcan burning hut (Figure) – Beijing

Guangdong Lianshan Zhuang family festival "send Vulcan" burning hut (Figure) – Beijing man jumped from the burning house on fire. Continuous photo Beijing, Guangzhou in October 9, (Xu Qingqing) Guangdong Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County Zhuang compatriots Chongyang "send Vulcan" to avoid fire and customs. The Double Ninth Festival on the eve of the 8 evening, local villagers lit a torch, burning the grass, to send the "Vulcan" heaven, pray for peace. In the evening, the local Zhuang gong sounded, parents give a temperature or light to go out to the pine torch, Gaokan Tian, etc. each household torches here, bamboo poles, hay and all flurry and confusion had prepared with the built a thatched cottage, and then put a haystack in the room on the grass, hay with the bamboo festival. In the order after the families of the torch together to hut. Suddenly, fire, the fire burned the fresh bamboo crackling, such as firecrackers qiming. Then the "call" a dark home, send the god Vulcan, avoid fire. It is understood that the old Zhuang village, more huts and cedar Pifang, to the lunar calendar in September, autumn wind blowing, once the fire, the fire by the wind, the wind battle fire, often burned houses clean, causing major losses. Therefore, every year in September nine burned cottage "Zhuang send Vulcan" custom is to bid farewell to Vulcan, preservation of peace building. (end)相关的主题文章:

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