Guangxi held the first World Conference on the development of Guangxi merchants invited GUI home

Guangxi held the world’s first world business development conference Gui Gui invited home to go home, the Nuggets – September 13th, the first World Development Conference held in Nanning. The picture for the dialogue exchange site. Yang Zhixiong photo Beijing, Nanning on 13 September, (reporter Yang Yanmei Guangxi realgar) is rich in natural resources, prominent location advantages, the development potential is huge, Guangxi’s friends should grasp the opportunity to actively participate in the "The Belt and Road ‘construction, and strengthen the ASEAN Economic and trade exchanges, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity." CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of the National Federation of industry and Commerce Wang Qinmin, 13, said in Guangxi, Nanning. The world’s first GUI development conference held in Nanning. The guests around the country, the construction of Guangxi, and seek common development — "The Belt and Road" in the construction of Guangxi business opportunities and as the theme to carry out a keynote speech. GUI guests, local party and government officials, economic experts also focus on how to participate in the promotion of industrial upgrading GUI, industrial poverty dialogue. Wang Qinmin said at the meeting, to continue to increase the downtown pressure on the economy, the majority of private enterprises to fully realize the comprehensive deepening reform especially huge dividends, the supply side structural reform will release the confidence, innovation, to achieve new breakthroughs in the transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency. He encouraged Guangxi’s active participation in the The Belt and Road construction, take the social responsibility and the industrialization of the country. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region party secretary Peng Qinghua said that the Guangxi overseas business has a long history, from generation to generation, another batch of Zhuang children with entrepreneurial dreams, out of Guangxi, to the world, with wisdom and sweat to work out a new world, formed all over the world, the influential group of guangxi. Especially the Guangxi Shangshu thousand feet high don’t forget the root, actively participate in home construction and public welfare, has become an important force in building the national service, Guangxi, Guangxi to the world and become an important bridge connecting the world. "Good home is good Shangxing Guangxi, Guangxi Guangxi xing." Peng Qinghua said that the Guangxi Autonomous Region Party committee and government have always attached great importance to play an important role in the economic and social development of Guangxi merchants in the development of enterprises to create a good business environment, the rule of law environment. I hope the majority of Guangxi’s grasp of the overall situation, in expanding the development space of Guangxi in the construction of the national service, build; inheritance spirit, evergreen enterprises in Entrepreneurship and innovation; stick to the right path, in the implementation of the "pro" and "clear" requirements for bank advantage, establish steady Zhiyuan; Guangxi and Guangxi Shangxin image in foreign exchanges. The same day, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party committee, United Front minister Li Kang, the economist, the State Department counselor Tang Min, Guangxi’s president Li Feilie, honorary president of Guangxi’s Association of Lining were keynote speech. During the general assembly also held a description of investment policies and investment activities in Guangxi. It is reported that Guangxi adorable was born in Qin and Han Dynasties, the growth of Yu Tangsong, mature in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the decline in the Republic of China, to thrive in today’s footprint across all corners of the country. Guangxi is hard-working, simple, daring Ganpin affinity, open and inclusive character, is in the coastal area of China and southwest trade an important force. The United Front Work Department of Guangxi Party committee, at present, has become the promotion of Guangxi)相关的主题文章:

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