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Guangzhou: sudden death of female college students in the dormitory the day before due to too tired to have a fever (Figure) original title: 20 year old female college students in the dormitory before the death of the day before the death due to too tired to have a fever, connective tissue disease, still easy to recover after a fever. Families questioned the poor treatment of the school, after the monitoring can not see. On the evening of September 6th, a sudden phone call broke the peace of the family. Zhang Zhi at home in Shenzhen was informed that only 20 years old daughter Zhang Dan school in Guangzhou before the sad death, he and his wife immediately from home in Shenzhen to Guangzhou, only to see the child dead. Parents puzzled, how can a young girl should say no? Zhang Dan, however, Zhang Dan’s classmates admitted that she was often due to fatigue and fever, as long as the health care products can be cured, but this time has brought irreparable results. At present, the school said the police have been involved in the investigation, how to bear responsibility will wait until the identification report. The doctor told reporters, Zhang Dan suffering from a long course of disease, may lead to sudden death. Death: school call daughter falls into a coma before their parents rushed to the school has death happened in September 6th at 5 pm, Zhang Zhi (a pseudonym) in Shenzhen, ready to go home, he received a phone call from Guangzhou, told the daughter fell in the school dormitory, who has been in a coma, the school is being processed. At first, Zhang Zhi did not realize the seriousness of the matter, he let his wife go to Guangzhou to see what the situation, he left in Shenzhen to do business. Unexpectedly, just an hour later, his wife cried on the phone to tell him that his daughter had gone, so he hurried to Guangzhou. That night, Zhang and his wife has arrived at her school, the middle-aged couple looked at the school hospital beds on the daughter dead, cry on each other’s shoulder. Zhang Dan, 20 years old, at the Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology, junior high school girls, it is youthful age, looking forward to becoming a nutritionist after graduation. The school day is the beginning of the September, already accustomed to running in Guangzhou and Shenzhen she alone came to school. And in the opening weekend, Zhang Dan also made a special trip to Shenzhen and his family dinner. Zhang Zhi said that her daughter left home in the afternoon of September 4th, when people are good, there is no exception, why two days less than died? For the family, they are more questions, after the incident, the daughter did not go to the hospital, but died in the hospital bed. They proposed to the school, I hope to see the dormitory corridor surveillance video, but the school side to monitor the grounds can not be viewed as rejected. Numerous questions, written in the relatives of each sad face. Restore: fever two days after a sudden serious first aid after the announcement of the death of Zhang Dan on the way to the parents in Guangzhou on the way to the children’s dormitory, a few students, became the first time to provide first aid to the people of Zhang Dan. Sleeping on the top of the Zhang Dan girl Xiao Yao said that as early as the evening of September 4th, Zhang Dan has been feeling a fever. "Eat some health care products to restore some of the body, second days to go to the class." Unexpectedly, on the morning of September 6th, Zhang Dangang stepped out of the dormitory ready for class, once again feel unwell, leave to stay in the dormitory. When the roommates came back at noon, she was still lying in bed. So, little Yao to zhang.相关的主题文章:

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