Guests Need To Be Able To Socialize…-w-inds.

Author: Rich Ferguson Article Source: , where consumers get competitive bids from Wedding Service Providers. Read reviews, compare offers & save. Its free! Article Link: Tags: tables , rich ferguson , ice breaker , magician , entertainment , tips , reception , wedding , mingling, waiting for photos , venues , cocktail tables Here’s a simple tip for your reception planning… Be sure to offer more than just the tables for dinner. Either pick a venue with lots of areas to mingle, sit and socialize and/or provide extra benches, cocktail tables and stools. Nothing is worse than having to find your seat and then HOVER over someone at another table to try to talk. When people are waiting for photos and for the quick chance to say "congrats" to the bride and groom, they will be comfortable mingling or sitting if they have options and do not feel "stuck" at their seat. This will promote socializing and great energy for the rest of the night! Also, you might even consider providing a professional service to give something unique to talk about and experience while guests wait. Ice carver, chocolate fountain, or Ice Breaker (that’s me!) Check out I’m very passionate about the simple efforts it takes to let people be comfortable when mingling. It makes a huge difference on the memories of the event, how long people stay, how much they get involved and much more! Take a look at my wedding slideshow of people waiting for hours for the bride and groom… ..Party-Entertainer.. Along those same lines, consider the loudness of your music. If people can not talk easily, they wont. Was the Article Useful? I hope you enjoyed the article! Please rate it at the following link, your feedback is highly appreciated: Guests Need To Be Able To Socialize… 相关的主题文章:

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