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Haikou volcano stones Leicheng village Hainan volcano three Qing Cun ancient world. Newspaper reporter Yuan Chen photo 8000 years ago, the number of Qiongbei volcano erupting simultaneously red lava spewing out, cooling slowly flowing, and ultimately the formation of colorful rock landform pahoehoe lava, shell, lava slag etc.. Through the Haikou volcano geological park to stone town, all the way down, Shishan Zhen Dao Tang Cun Wei Hui Qing Cun is located in the three. "Samsung delicate timeterrain humanities Qing Mao, richunhui Rong, Hengpi" favourable climatic weathers property "and Kangle", the first three Qing village, the village full of poetic couplet style. Then, an ancient building greets, inlaid with a piece of engraved with the "Annwa building" danbian, ancient village, is probably like this. "You can see how far in the past, we can predict the far future", from the crevice between Tanchunaodai to the "green shoots, seem to be more curious visitors. Shimen, stone walls, stone pillars, Stone Lane, old…… People can not help but to reach out and touch feelings with the volcano stones Leicheng ancient world. Three Qing village leader Wang Chieh told reporters, in 40s, the Japanese invaded the village had burnt joan. But the underground gushing out of the volcano rock, after thousands of years of temper, not afraid of the little flame. Volcano stone burned more hard. In 2015 three, Qing Cun was listed as a geological cultural village, according to the "repair old as the old" principle, the whole village was repaired, and now here to become a volcano and cultural village, holidays to "meditate" visitors in a continuous line, only the National Day golden week seven days, three small Qing Cun received more than 2000 from all over the country the tourists. In the three Qing village, you can choose a farmer, pheasant and wild herbs taste here; can also go to the home village one product "volcano stone barbecue" tender and delicious; also with families, black bean grinding "activity curriculum with the experience of three Qing Cun for tourists tailor-made". In addition, Haikou City Qiongshan District Hing Street Dan village, town, Tan Village, compliance Tan Longhua District Longhua District Po Zhen Wen village are well preserved ancient villages in Haikou.相关的主题文章:

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