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Hanjin Shipping Korea economic bankruptcy crisis – International – people.com.cn September 11th, the Korean government decided to provide 400 billion won and Hanjin signing loss of small Forwarders ($1 or about 1108 won) emergency financial support, help companies ride out the storm. The South Korean government believes that Hanjin filed for bankruptcy protection to allow the shipbuilding industry crisis and stagnation of regional economy increasingly difficult, everyone should work together to overcome the crisis. All along, the shipping industry for import and export as the center of the Korean economy, can be described as an important basic industry. Hanjin Shipping Korea ranked seventh in the world, the largest shipping company, operates the world’s more than and 60 regular and irregular routes, to transport goods around the world million tons every year in the world occupies an important position in economy, port and logistics network. However, in recent years, Hanjin Shipping business situation is bleak, as of the end of 2015, Hanjin debt of more than 6 trillion and 600 billion won, debt to equity ratio of nearly 850%, the first half of this year is the cumulative loss of 473 billion won. Korean industry believes that Hanjin Shipping to repay short-term debt and maintain operations, funding gap of 1 trillion and 200 billion won. Unbearable debt pressure, Hanjin Shipping on the last day of August filed for bankruptcy protection. September 1st, Seoul, South Korea, the Central District Court announced that the implementation of the Korean maritime maritime bankruptcy protection, designated by the court third party management. September 2nd, Hanjin Shipping to the United States filed for bankruptcy protection. It is reported that the court will be determined by further field investigation is to save Hanjin Shipping, or bankruptcy liquidation. September 6th, the South Korean government and the ruling party in the new national party after the agreement, said it will provide more than 100 billion won Korea Maritime guarantee loans. Hanjin Group Chairman Zhao Lianghao also said it would raise 100 billion won to support Hanjin Shipping, of which the personal property for the 40%, by the Korean Air mortgage loans by the 60%. But the South Korean industry generally believe that for the enterprise itself, the parent company announced to provide financial assistance for a slim chance of survival appears to offer a dying Hanjin, but compared to its huge debt, aid is an utterly inadequate measure. At present, Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy crisis has begun to import and export, logistics and other industries in South korea. Hanjin Shipping application for bankruptcy protection, the world’s major port for fear of not receiving funds, refused to ship into the port of Hanjin Shipping, related companies also refused to unload cargo unloading. As of now, Hanjin 145 ships, was rejected due to the poor transport of a total of 87 vessels. It is estimated that the total value of the South Korean cargo ship loaded about 1 trillion and 260 billion won. South Korean public opinion and even said the possibility of a huge impact on the Korean economy into the Korean maritime bankruptcy crisis increased further, the deterioration of the export situation is inevitable. Bank of Korea in 2016 GDP growth outlook is likely to further down. President Yang Changhao of South Korea Marine Fishery Development Institute pointed out that the main Hanjin container transport of goods, if Hanjin final liquidation, the South Korean brand established decades will disappear, built in)相关的主题文章:

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