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[happy trip] quinoa cake – eating lollipop Sohu throughout October in the rain, the weather is bad annoying gas impatient, but accompanied by delicacy. On a rainy day, baking, oven, the whole room is filled with the aroma of happiness. Baked a cake, a cup of Black Tea collocation, holding a book, it is also the whole afternoon. This cake is very small for love lollipop friends, because friends children less than three years old, can not eat chocolate, I will make the little guy happy decorated with blueberry jam and sugar a little pearl, did not think the little guy eat awfully, her beautiful and delicious. Materials (school kitchen donuts 12 even die and die even 12 school kitchen lollipop volume): 6 egg, quinoa cake powder 180 grams, sugar 110 grams, 80 grams of butter, lemon juice, salt a little, a little. Surface decoration: blueberry jam appropriate amount of sugar beads. Method: 1 quinoa cake flour sieve; 2 egg into the bowl, add a little salt and lemon juice; 3 three add sugar, sent to the egg appeared lines do not disappear; 4 sieve into the quinoa cake flour, mix 5 cut; add the melted butter, cut into uniform smooth batter mix 6; into the school kitchen lollipop 12 even die; 7 cover part die into the preheated oven, 170 degrees 15 minutes, the specific time please refer to their own oven temperature. Baked buckle can easily release with melted chocolate or jam, sugar beads collocation decorative TIPS: 1 finished baked, can use a knife to polish the lollipop of upper and lower die seams, so the decorative lollipop cake shape is better; 2 because the mold is on the buckle together, the mould batter can amount some more, some can be filled with 3; decorated with melted chocolate or jam, according to their own tastes, increase or decrease the amount of sugar.相关的主题文章:

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