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Hashi real estate market special rectification charges the thorough investigation of undocumented operating behavior and standardizing the real estate development enterprises reporters from the city housing bureau held the maintenance of the real estate market special rectification mobilization meeting was informed that from now until the end of the year, Harbin City real estate market will carry out special rectification action in the whole city limits, if found there is no commercial housing developers sales license to the buyer received the deposit, tie-in sale and other irregularities, the public can call to report complaints. It is understood that the real estate special rectification action will date from 2 to December 31st within the city, focusing on new construction since 2014 without obtaining pre (Sales) since 2014 approved the sale of permits and pre (Sales) sale of the project to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Chengguan District (excluding High-tech Zone area) is responsible for the city’s property management supervision team, responsible for the high-tech zone by the high-tech zone administrative law enforcement departments, Hulan, A Cheng, Shuangcheng district and county (city) by the local departments in charge of housing (construction), combined with inspection and the masses complaints clues by case inventory of illegal violations of the company, and urge real estate development enterprises a comprehensive rectification of illegal behavior. The special rectification action content – publish false information listings and advertising. – by fabricating or spreading information such as malicious speculation, drive up prices. – without obtaining pre-sale permit commercial housing sales. In the real estate sales do not meet the conditions, to subscribe, booking, arranging, issuing and charged to the buyer or a collection of deposit, booking and other expenses, the opportunity to raise prices. – cover Xishou or disguised hoarding. In real estate sales will not be priced, outside the increase in the price of the sale of housing or collect fees not specified. – with additional conditions or tied tying limit, forcing buyers to accept the price of commodities or services. Li will have as a commercial housing sales contract subject to the sale of commercial housing to others. – other unfair business practices. (author: Liu Shubo)相关的主题文章:

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