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Haze shrouded Henan 25 continue to implement the control of high-speed Beijing – November 14th, haze continued, Zhengzhou urban air quality is heavily polluted, gray over a city. Han Zhangyun, Zhengzhou, November (Xinhua) (14), nearly two days, North China, there have been severe fog and haze, most parts of Henan have not been spared, especially in the northern and central regions of the world, and so on, on the eve of the year, and so on. As of 14 9:30, Henan is still the implementation of the high-speed control of the 25. Traffic police to remind, high-speed control, please wait patiently for the driver’s friends; driving the driver to pay attention to driving carefully. As of 14 9:30, the territory of Henan by the fog control sections are: Beijing high-speed Yuanyang Yu – Ming Ji, Xue shop – Xinxian County – Hebei Henan, the wide high-speed, Lianhuo high-speed Zhengzhou East sanhuan Shangqiu south, two high-speed wide five flower mountain – forest structure, high speed Lan Xi Lankao – Yang, Shang and Zhou dynasties? High speed four – Zhoukou West – East Linzhou, Nanlin high-speed south, Ningluo speed Ruyang Industrial Zone – Henan Anhui, high-speed Shanghai and Shaanxi Henan and Anhui – Zhenping, Zheng Yao high-speed Changge West – Yuzhou south, Yongdeng high-speed Chang Zhuang Bo – deer, long high-speed economy of Huaxian cattle – Tun Xiang Bai, Jin new high-speed plain the new East – Xu Gang, Jiao Tong Yexian County high-speed South Henan Hubei, Airport Express Airport Station, Deng in high-speed, high-speed LAN south high-speed, business, business registration speed, Zheng Min high speed, high-speed machine Xinyang, West Taiwan Hui high-speed, high-speed, high-speed line fixed interest huai. Other highways in the province. From the beginning the evening of 13, Henan continued heavy fog, the morning of 14, the territory of Henan and east of Beijing Guangzhou line due to severe haze, weak wind, diffusion conditions are relatively poor, the air quality index also dropped rapidly, heavy pollution. Xuchang Province, Pingdingshan, Zhoukou, Anyang, Hebi, Zhumadian, Luohe, Nanyang, Puyang, and other places of air pollution index for red warning. According to the forecast, the 14 day night, weak cold air, Henan will have 4 or so northerly winds have weakened effect on haze; 15 at night to 17, southwest flow by ridge, the province will usher in a significant rainfall, there is conducive to the settlement of flushing haze. (end)相关的主题文章:

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