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He took the fire seven princess fairy Minnie pocket and also help the successful transformation of the visual value will always exist, whether tiling, model body, show, street, or today’s live, are constantly visual representations. The mature visual system is always an important part of the operation logic. It is to solve the problem of traffic conversion and customer price level, directly linked with the sales data, far from the first album as the only technology. In the most Western Inner Mongolia, one dressed in jeans, Ma Dingxue beard foreign metrosexual man was driving, his Harley ride in Alashan Gobi. At first thought it was a big picture of the western United States, in fact, this is just a Cowboy brand shooting scene. Founder Wang Mingwei and photographer Xiang Hongliang, and the planning of the shooting of the trip on the film of the. They use a wide range of background, a sense of distance of foreign models, special effects of shooting techniques, and the high-end positioning of the cowboy to match, and delivered a free cowboy spirit. Two days of video shooting invested nearly $180 thousand. More precisely, Lin Yongguang is an electricity supplier photographer. In his work list, in addition to the Cowboy brand, there are a bunch of strong style star Amoy brand, from the early seven to the cooperation of princess, fairy pocket, Imini, aka, cotton etc.. Different from the general photographer, Lin Yongguang’s photography is not scattered orders, but with the brand long-term cooperation, deeply involved in the brand operation, even through the visual brand packaging, brand power transformation, and become an important part of the logic operation. There is no denying that to become a good Internet brand, vision is the most direct way to achieve brand performance, the importance of the brand itself and customer maintenance, each plate needs to complement each other. Amoy brand seven princess Lin Yongguang is determined to enter the electricity supplier to explore commercial photography photography, this piece of land now is still in the savage land reclamation stage. In 2009, most of the shops still stays in the stalls of low-cost goods, sellers, general businesses can not afford high production costs, few people pay attention to visual packaging. On the other hand, the lack of electricity supplier photographer resources. Top photographers have high income close to the body, a little lower level and difficult to control electricity supplier shooting, so few people are willing to try. Lin Yongguang is a special case of a green hand. Entering Hangzhou photography circle, Lin Yongguang is just a small second studio photographer, photographer "appearance fees of up to 1.5-2 million, about 8000 yuan a day i." In order to fully transition electricity supplier, Lin will cost down to 6000 yuan, and gradually explore the shooting method, to adapt to the rapid pace of shooting. With the previous photo album 3 or 4 times a year, the electricity supplier on the new seller frequently, so the photographic cycle is shorter, usually a month to shoot 6-10 times. Lin Yongguang’s successful transformation can not be separated from the star Amoy brand of the year – seven. Amoy brand seven co founder of the space (now off) He Shengjie advertising planning background, the idea of the Taobao shop at the time there was considerable idea. He was not only heavily signed "new ideas" China Model Contest Champion ancient Youjia, also spending huge cost of packaging vision, to replace the original model of indoor studio shooting tile. When He Shengjie found a college.相关的主题文章:

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