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Advertising In the United States, the health care system involves everyone from the patient needing medical care, the small clinic physician who treats homeless people and families with no health coverage, to the big hospital surgeons who perform highly advanced procedures costing thousands of dollars. Government and business decision makers who have a say on the industry that affects millions of Americans are also involved. To put it simply, the health industry consists of the people who need health services, and people who deliver the services. The United States holds the distinction of having the most advance medical care in the entire world. Under the current system, most Americans enjoy sufficient, if not excellent health services although admittedly, the system still faces a lot of problems. The system usually works for those who can afford to buy health plans on their own, or those who are insured as part of the benefits provided by their employers. However, there are over 37 million Americans who do not own a health insurance policy. Most of those without health care coverage work for employers who do not provide for such benefits to their workers, or those whose applications for coverage were denied because of pre-existing medical conditions. The others belong to the ranks of the unemployed and simply cannot afford private coverage but cannot be considered as poor enough to merit assistance from the government. Most uninsured people do not have enough means to afford preventive care including immunizations and physical examinations which are vital for maintaining an individuals overall health. Because of this, small health concerns usually worsen into serious health problems. These people are thus left with no other option but to undergo treatments in hospitals which ultimately cost a lot more money than a health insurance policy. In instances where the patients cannot pay for the treatment they received, the clinic or hospital is forced to absorb the loss. Sometimes, they pass on the cost to paying patients which contributes further to the ever-increasing cost of medical care including doctors fees and medicines. Uncollected debts are also a reason why hospitals are quick to refuse admission to patients with no health insurance coverage to avoid taking the risk for unpaid bills. However, hospitals cannot refuse admission to uninsured people in emergency cases. Otherwise, it would be illegal. In the late 1800s, when health insurance was created, the main objective was not to help people settle their medical bills, but rather to make sure that hospitals do not accumulate unpaid bills that may affect their operations. However, when the health care industry started to blossom, the prices of health insurance were driven up even as the coverage in terms of treatments and other services became limited, to the detriment of the people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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