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Heilongjiang "notice is invalid" enrollment disqualification – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) Heilongjiang examinee admission notice is invalid "a reproduction of twists and turns. Yesterday (11 days), the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province issued briefing, "because the candidates reported, after review, Yang admitted invalid confirmation. While Yang’s mother Fu Qiuyan told the Beijing News reporter, although have received the "cancel sent us admission notice", but still intends to continue to fight to the higher authorities. The Beijing News reported earlier, the nineteenth Middle School of Harbin City examinee Yang, sent after receiving the admission notice of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, he was informed that Heilongjiang province admissions department, because of its fine arts provincial exam score is not up to the pass line, so the admission status is invalid, has received the admission notice. Beijing News reporter learned that, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts School of fine arts professional candidates of examination results is not required, but the Heilongjiang local admissions Department insists that art exam result is qualified, admitted to the fine arts of "one vote veto". It will be the emergence of "university admissions, admissions does not put" phenomenon. In September 12th, it was the day of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Yesterday afternoon, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education said on its official website "candidates for the report, Heilongjiang province entrance examination for Yang’s admission to start review procedures, found that it did not meet the regulations of the Ministry of education, Heilongjiang province and Luxun Academy of Fine Arts admissions Jian Zhangxiang asked," the report is true, it was decided to cancel the admission qualification. Today morning, Yang’s mother Fu Qiuyan told the Beijing News reporter, he has received the notice sent to us, the cancellation of admission to inform. Beijing News (WeChat ID:bjnews_xjb) reporter noted that the notice of the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, said it would take back the admission notice, the inconvenience caused to Yang and his family, the school said sorry". In this regard, pay the autumn Yan said, intends to continue to strive for the higher authorities, demanding the return of children eligible for admission.相关的主题文章:

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