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Henan Luoyang police rumor of violent law enforcement: network transmission of information is not real – Beijing, Beijing, Luoyang, September 19, (Liu Peng) for network transmission Luoyang police police such as low quality, the general network broke the news, Luoyang police 19 publicly issued a document responded that the group with the joint investigation by two supervision personnel of the police, confirmed in the whole process of police intelligence in the absence of violence, law enforcement acts of breach of privilege. "Two girls drunk by the police police security disputes, but as the general profiteering law enforcement, serious irregularities; enthusiastic passers-by courageous because with yellow hair, cuff and kick by the police police on the beat the crowd; mobile phone shooting was the scene of plainclothes police crash; drunk woman clothes by the police brutally torn……" In recent days, with the name "Luoyang micro-blog disputes" window users on the valley of the Luoyang police station, a post release sparked heated debate. With this fermentation, Henan Province Public Security Bureau of Luoyang city 19 days through the official micro-blog public rumor. According to the briefing, September 13th, about 23:40, the local Han Tun at a bar in front of the door, and a drunken woman are two young people quarrel, the two sides also had a pushing behavior. Due to a dispute with long hair, a backless woman of a moving car traffic obstruction caused. After the police arrived at the scene, onlookers more and more, in preparation for the police to the two sides to the police station mediation, long haired woman refused to cooperate, do not stop crying, tearing, and export abusive police. According to law enforcement recorder video display, when the police ready to take away the two women, onlookers crowd of two men and women came to obstruct the two. Among them, a yellow haired young man also abused the police. According to the law enforcement recorder showed that 14 days of zero hour 04 minutes, two men and two girls hinder law enforcement, a man and a woman are shooting on the scene. At this time, a slightly fat middle-aged man suddenly grabbed his cell phone and fell to the ground. 14, about 10 points, the police will be the parties to the dispute, hinder the law enforcement of the men and women of the two and the man who fell back to the police station, the police brigade. After that, his mobile phone man surnamed Li, claiming to be drunk that night, because few people see hinder law enforcement too rude, only to forget each other’s mobile phone fell jin. 15, 2009, under the coordination of the police, Lee has been damaged mobile phone compensation. According to the "Luoyang post" broke the window of the police police will be drunk woman clothes torn and rough, several independent and drunkenness personnel back to the police station after being illegally detained until dawn before release." Luoyang police said, is still from the law enforcement recorder can be seen clearly, "arrived at the scene in the police, drunk woman clothes has been so, not the police tear, the drunken woman’s clothes is halter style." Informed that, due to between 5 and two women and parking, and a slight altercation just pushing, not beating plot, does not constitute a public security case. And then the rest of the staff in addition to drunk women have left the police station. A drunken woman has not been sober, still crying at the police station, the police had to notify his family, after a woman at 14 am to 5 pm)相关的主题文章:

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