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Henan Zhoukou City Urban Management Bureau responded: not excessive beatings (Figure) – law enforcement Beijing Beijing in September 13 Zhoukou Xinhua (Liu Peng) "8 hours two beat us 3 parties, after the violence let us wipe footprints, we eat stress and open shooting recorder." Recently, according to the parties the savage violence incident net exposure this month 9 days in Henan province Zhoukou city Chuanhui district law enforcement during the Zhoukou City Urban Management Bureau reply to reporters, said the law enforcement agency to follow the specifications, there was no excessive law enforcement in law enforcement. Recently, some users reflect, the morning of 9 August, he with two female colleagues in the city of Zhoukou Zhongzhou Avenue roadside placards for a real publicity, was rushed to the Zhoukou city law enforcement officers back to the Urban Management Bureau, after nearly 8 small time was two times more than common violence law enforcement officers. The eye, chest and other parts were injured. Huang said the parties, the cause of the attack originated from the three people asked to eat triggered. "The afternoon of 9 nearly a point in the law enforcement officers were deducted for several hours later, we three people hungry will try to go out to dinner. I did not expect a surname Lu (sound) first captain to arrange for someone to lock the door, then sprang from the yard six or seven officers will be three of us forcibly dragged into a dining hall." "Just dragged into the room did not react, it was first put my foot kick down to the ground, then a herd began to beat me and one copy of violence, my shoulder at the bench. To be dragged in to see my female colleagues to stop after being hit, unexpectedly a few officers pulled her hair is a cuff and kick." Hwang said, beating a few minutes later, even more unexpected things happen. "Just out of the dining hall, a female colleague because of emotion, saying" you even the girls play, or not a man ‘, did not expect this group of inspectors once again put us down into the dining hall began beating." Huang said, the two men put him firmly pressed, another with his fist hit the stomach. Hwang said that after the beating, a member of the inspectors out of a pot of noodles to eat three people, while the recorder on the table began recording. Subsequently, another member of the inspectors came up with a wet towel to wipe their footprints. After the wipe, the inspectors did not think it was clean and wipe again for the three. "Around 6 p.m. that day, the police arrived at the scene after receiving our official call. After being controlled for nearly 8 hours, we followed the police out of the city gate." According to Hwang introduced, they are 3 of the field workers in Zhoukou, the age of both the upper and lower age of 20. In view of the above reflect the situation, Zhoukou City City Management Bureau reply to reporters, said the morning of August 31, 2016, the Bureau of law enforcement personnel during routine inspections, found in a number of buildings, poles, street trees on the post called "dressing room sale" leaflets. After the Bureau of urban management law enforcement officers to inform the other party has violated the relevant provisions of the implementation of the measures of the Henan municipal city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations, ordered its immediate cessation of illegal acts. But since then, law enforcement officers have repeatedly found this item相关的主题文章:

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