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Highway management Zhang Xiaoguang accident 7:27 on September 21st, Fuxin Zhangwu highway toll station ETC lane, a motorcycle to follow the normal passage of the TOYOTA Prado vehicle forced through the mouth of the charges, the driver and the motorcycle hit the railing charges automatically whereabouts after falls to death. After the public security department confirmed that the Liaoning folk art troupe actor Zhang Xiaoguang. This makes a lot of love his audience and fans are deeply surprised and sad…… Yesterday morning, Liaoning province expressway management limited liability company official incident released a description of the situation, and to remind you that in the upcoming "eleven" holiday, people drive on the highway must comply with the relevant regulations, pay attention to traffic safety and order. Overview: the upper and lower speed were trailing other vehicles Zhang Xiaoguang driving a motorcycle, on 6 September 21st 02, the Sujiatun toll station with Liaoning AJ78× × TOYOTA handed the car from the ETC into the highway entrance lane, 7:24 arrived in Zhangwu toll station traffic, travel 118 kilometers, with a time of 1 hours and 22 minutes. Zhang Xiaoguang driving motorcycle arrived in Zhangwu toll station, with a number of vehicles parked in the toll station square waiting for off-road vehicles on a short exchange of personnel. 7:27, Zhang Xiaoguang driving a motorcycle to follow the Liao AG9R× × TOYOTA high speed car through the ETC toll lanes, crashed into the automatic fall of the toll railing, after being sent to hospital vehicles. It is understood that, in accordance with the highway charges 0.45 yuan per kilometer, if he is a normal toll road toll, a fee of $118 should be $55. Focus one: motorcycle can speed it? After this incident, the motorcycle can not be on the high-speed? What is the ETC lane? What is the mouth and other issues immediately become the focus of attention. Yesterday, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed professionals to interpret for everyone. It is understood that the implementation of the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" regulations Seventy-eighth and eighty-three clearly stipulated that the motorcycle can speed, but they must comply with the following conditions: first, the highway must be one-way three or more than three lanes, can only travel the outside lane; two, motorcycle driving speed can not be more than 80 kilometers, three hours; the driver and vehicle must complete license, driving license type driving includes motorcycle, motorcycle license complete, to pay high insurance and insurance; four, the driver must wear helmets, protective gear, people can not take. Focus two: motorcycle can install ETC? Can not pass ETC vehicles in the driveway, through the ETC vehicle terminal mounted at the front of the car windshield, communicate with Lane microwave antenna, automatic reading of vehicle models and entrance information, through a series of verification issued after deducting instructions after the railings automatically open. When the vehicle is adopted, the railing is automatically closed, and the vehicle is used as a vehicle and a rod. At present, the province has 1 million 200 thousand vehicles installed ETC equipment, but no one is a motorcycle. Related people better相关的主题文章:

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