Hina film power generation half earn HK $821 million third party sales revenue of nearly 90% contrib-w-inds.

Hina film power generation half earn HK $821 million third party sales revenue contribution of nearly 90% hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client hina film power generation group yesterday evening semi annual disclosure of the reporting period, the group’s operating income of HK $3 billion 296 million, an increase of 56%, net profit of HK $821 million, to achieve profitability; gross profit of HK $2 billion 65 million, an increase of about 41%. The performance of the company growth, hina film in the report said "multiple", one of the downstream household and commercial distributed photovoltaic power generation system sales grew by about 284%; at the same time, the upstream film power equipment production line delivery revenue grew by about 33%. It is worth mentioning that the performance period, the market operation of the hina film to achieve a strategic breakthrough and success, third upstream equipment manufacturing and distributed application from the downstream sales revenue reached 2 billion 138 million and HK $711 million, total revenue in the first half of 86%. Statistics show that the current hina film power generation group business film production line equipment including upstream and downstream manufacturing, household and commercial distributed power generation, photovoltaic products, consumer electronic products, mobile energy photovoltaic power station etc.. The value of technology to obtain sustained release, market-oriented business model, approved equipment production line manufacturing advantages and delivery significantly, becoming the three major highlight of the first half performance of the hina film. In the core technology of thin-film power generation, power generation technology as the core to film hina hina, continued investment in R & D, the first half of the group’s R & D investment of HK $308 million, accounting for 9.3% of revenue. The report shows that the first half of Hienergy has successfully delivered a world famous company of science and technology for development of the order, the Hale UAV products. The development of GaAs thin film battery technology has been successfully applied to the whole solar powered car, and recently released four "Hanergy Solar" series of Chinese whole solar powered car products. In the commercial market, the group model has been recognized by the market. Among them, Chinese household power generation business focus on small and medium sized distributed power market, power generation system and product development to the category of product diversification, at the same time, hina film power generation has been initially completed by the distribution agent and distribution nationwide sales network layout. Report is expected by the end of this year, the county level sales network will achieve 75% coverage, to further expand the breadth and depth of the channel network. Equipment manufacturing and delivery line capacity, semi annual report shows that the production of thin-film power generation equipment on the line to get half an annual revenue growth of about 33%, up to HK $2 billion 585 million. Hina said to benefit from the growth in demand for PV modules and effective marketing promotion activities, the second half of the downstream business income will continue to improve, with more profit for the group. (Editor: Liu Xiaofei) into the [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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