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Home spike the opportunity to usher in a year and 7 months to complete the annual task [Abstract] to stock market on compensatory growth is expected to persist, so the outlook is optimistic; at the same time, also do not have to worry about skyrocketing housing prices lead to drastic measures. Turnover remained strong, rising prices rational, can be summed up since 2016 Guangzhou property market characteristics. The market is expected to compensatory growth has always existed, so the outlook is optimistic; at the same time, also do not have to worry about skyrocketing housing prices lead to drastic measures. Guangzhou property market to bring home buyers are at ease and confidence, it can be said that home buyers in Guangzhou, which is a real opportunity for the year. 7 months to complete the annual task inventory in April 15th this year, the Guangzhou municipal government announced the "master plan of Guangzhou City, the supply side structural reforms (2016 to 2018) and" 5 "action plan", put forward the goal of our work is in 2018 2016 to digest all supply goods listed in 2016 2017, on the basis of the foundations, and 2018 respectively to resolve 450 thousand square meters, 630 thousand square meters, 720 thousand square meters of inventory. By the end of 2015, the city of Guangzhou commercial housing inventory of 22 million 480 thousand square meters. For a first tier cities, hundreds of thousands of square meters of inventory task simply no pressure. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Committee recently disclosed data, as of the end of July, Guangzhou City, a commercial housing sales area of 21 million 270 thousand square meters, 1 million 210 thousand square meters less than the end of last year, the Guangdong provincial government issued overfulfiled to inventory target. 1-8 months, Guangzhou commodity residential total turnover of 8 million 700 thousand square meters, an increase of 30% over the same period the city’s new supply of commercial housing area of only 5 million 900 thousand square meters, supply and demand gap of up to 2 million 800 thousand square meters. The city’s commercial housing stocks continued to decline, the digestive cycle from the beginning of the 15 months of this year shortened to the current 10 months. Guangdong Centaline responsible person also pointed out that this year’s new supply in Guangzhou is the lowest in the past three years, only higher than the same period in 2013. Out of stock market to support the city’s average price steadily upward, in August the city’s average price of 17600 yuan square meters, an increase of 15%. It is worth noting that Guangzhou has been increasing the intensity of the external push goods, Zengcheng, Nansha, Huadu, Whampoa  and other regions, are sparing no effort to meet just need to buy. "Golden nine silver ten" market bullish 366 projects together to achieve net signed in 7-8 months in the city of Guangzhou, over 60% real estate prices. And in a survey conducted in China, 88% of respondents believe that prices will continue to rise in the future Guangzhou. Experts believe that if the Guangzhou policy remained stable, the "golden nine silver ten" turnover period, the steady rise in prices is expected to. With the recent property market, four dragons as the representative of the second tier cities in the purchase of policies have been introduced, home buyers are most concerned about the property market in Guangzhou will tighten policy. In this regard, experts said, although the Guangzhou property prices are high, but still low tier cities, the policy is unlikely to tighten." Every year the property market into the most popular of the "golden nine silver ten", the buyers are hoping to catch this wave of market purchase, the property. According to statistics, Guangzhou 2016 "golden nine silver ten" 104 projects is expected to push the new,.相关的主题文章:

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