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The family put a basin of the whole plant all mosquitoes can not enter the house []. Home Furnishing Chu coming a year of mosquito bites in summer, every summer from mosquito bites troubles, a small red body. All kinds of used mosquito repellent measures are pesticides, toilet water, mosquito repellent, mosquito net. Today Xiaobian to introduce several mosquito repellent plants, but very effective oh! Top1: m.buster m.buster exudes a faint fragrance of lemon, placed in the room, the mosquito will escape. After testing, m.buster repellent effect is good, harmless to human health, can drive a lot of mosquitoes. M.buster belong to old herbaceous plants cultivated in both indoor and outdoor, generally the higher the temperature is, the more concentrated flavor, the repellent effect is better. Top2: lavender, a lot of people are more familiar with, is a kind of blue and purple flowers, like dry environment, such as the shape of wheat spike. Lavender has insecticidal effect, many people love the lavender sachet in the closet, there are some people placed in the bedroom for the mosquito. Top3: a lot of mint varieties, with a very comfortable cool taste. Mint cool and non-toxic, continuous sunny weather conditions, in sunny places, leaves became hypertrophy, leaves with blue light, a strong aroma characteristic, the repellent effect is the best.相关的主题文章:

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