Hotel liquefied gas leak neighbors remind each other to evacuate the crisis-superrecovery

The hotel at the liquefied gas leak neighbors to remind each other to evacuate to defuse the crisis new culture news (reporter Xing Yang) 3 August 29th morning, and street and alley intersection Nanchang city Changchun an old residential buildings, was awakened by shortness cries and knock on the door, the original people smell the gas smell strong, do not forget. The neighbors in their own evacuation, we remind each other to evacuate, a crisis is "China good neighbor" successfully resolved. Mr. Hu, who lives in the building, woke up at 3:30 in the morning and suddenly woke up by a knock at the door. "It lives on the 4 floor of the aunt, knocking the door of the shop floor of my house." Mr. Hu said, "aunt while knocking and shouting:" why so much like gas? Do you have a cell phone, please contact them! "" The lady mentioned "next door" is a small restaurant, strong gas smell is coming from here. "I got up and went downstairs." Mr. Hu said, "when a lot of people out from home, do not forget a knock on the door, afraid of people sleep do not know if the explosion occurred, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." When Mr. Hu came downstairs, someone has dialed the hotel owner’s phone and dialed 119 and 110 for help. "I knew his family was living nearby, so he ran straight and got the boss." Mr. Hu said, "I help with the boss of the curtain opened the door, gas smell blowing, much heavier than outside." The restaurant owner rushed to the kitchen gas tank valve closed, and open the door before and after the formation of convection, the liquefied gas was dispersed as soon as possible. Then fire officers and soldiers, police station, Gas Co repair personnel have rushed to the scene, and the scene was alert. Half an hour later, the staff of Gas Co after testing found no explosion hazard, the residents returned home. 29 afternoon, reporters visit the scene of the new culture, found no business hotel. Many of the residents of the building are very grateful to their neighbors, if not their vigilance, it may really be an accident. The restaurant owner said, these days the hotel not business, may be due to leakage of liquefied gas tank pressure is too large, the pipeline to the ‘drum’ bad". She said: really thanks to these neighbors, or if the explosion occurred, the consequences of those who can not afford, we will certainly do a good job in security work."相关的主题文章:

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