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How does the Internet family experience change digital life? Sohu technology imagine the following scene: only a mobile phone can make home appliances all listen to your commands only need your finger, you can let the equipment start automatically even, just say a word, let the curtains open, all speakers automatically play your favorite music seemingly impossible but, at an alarming rate to accelerate, make life more digital, make you feel deeply intelligent charm. For Intel, many staff members are witnessing these miracles, Intel is working with the telecommunications company, will be the home of "object" and the network infrastructure is connected via Gigabit speed network, happened to witness the miracle. Then the focus is on… Why Intel involved in the telecommunications industry, let us look at the. Support performance with the amount of data continues to soar, the demand for broadband becomes increasingly urgent. Intel VRX series AnyWAN transceiver through the use of existing copper telephone lines, in the Gigabit speed range of support, can support high data rate, to meet user demand for broadband. VRX series is also able to support emerging features, which will provide very fast broadband speed in a short distance. Backward compatibility and seamless interoperability are key elements to maximize the use of current investments. The goal of this phase is to deploy high speed, to provide Gigabit performance on existing infrastructure, from the speed to the amount of data to provide full support. Backward compatible solutions for telecom companies and service providers, a solution that does not need to replace and modify the current system is particularly critical. And Intel can give them support in this regard, one of the characteristics of the Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX series is that it meets the ability to support ADSL, VDSL and directional backward compatibility solutions look forward to. The series also supports the expansion of standards for 35 MHz VDSL – including the optimization of the implementation of the combination of two pairs. One reason why Intel likes to cooperate with telecom companies is that they are suitable for each other. Intel has brought more than 10 years of experience in the system, to help ensure that the company is able to respond to current and future all types of connections. In fact, Intel is the main contribution of standard, the standard multimode VDSL2 and contributed to the birth of chip set, let our OEM customers and service providers to design broadband gateway, leading the future. This will allow telecommunications companies to make full use of the economy and upgrade its copper network, so as to provide Gigabit speed. Seamless interoperability interoperability is also the key to success. The Intel AnyWAN transceiver VRX series helps ensure that current completely different systems can be integrated together and support each other. This is why Intel is committed to the introduction of open standards, as well as a focus on the development of intelligent open technology thriving community of innovation. More extensive solutions…相关的主题文章:

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