How old is the best age for men and women restorator

Men and women of childbearing age how old is the best Sohu ‘baby born or not born has become a classic problem of parents, for their ideal career, to provide the best environment for the growth of children, family planning and shift. In fact, there are many adverse early late birth. Studies have shown that the best reproductive age for women is 24-29 years of age, the best male reproductive age is 27-35 years of age. The best pregnant mothers aged 23-30 years during this period, the female body fully developed, high quality eggs, if pregnant fertility, birth risk is small, the growth and development of fetus, premature birth, malformation and Alzheimer’s disease incidence rate is lowest; if as early as 20 years of age of pregnancy for fetal and maternal nutrition during development the mother’s health, and fetal development is not good. Along with the growth of age, follicle in the ovary is accumulated in the long time, resulting in the occurrence of chromosomal aging, recession. The older, the genetic material mutation chances increase, resulting in Down syndrome and various malformation. And with the increase in the probability of pregnancy will decline, more likely to have complications during pregnancy. The best father’s age at birth in considering the quasi mother’s breeding age, the father’s age can not be ignored. The research shows that the best male reproductive age 27-35 years of age, this is because the male sperm quality reached the peak during this period, and in this age of men do not bear the mental maturity, rich life experience, understand and accept the fetal education knowledge. In particular, will care about his wife, have the ability to raise good infants and young children, so that fetal growth and development. After 35 years of age, the male hormones in the body began to decay, with an average of about 90 percent of their testosterone secretion per year for the next 1 years. When the male age is too big, the gene mutation rate of the sperm increases correspondingly, the quantity and quality of the sperm can not be guaranteed, and the health of the fetus will also be adversely affected. The best time to conceive the best pregnancy season in the appropriate season of pregnancy, not only conducive to the early development of the baby, neonatal care and the recovery of the body has a great impact. Every year there are spring, summer, autumn, winter 4 seasons, in the end which season in the best choice? If expectant mothers choose to conceive in early July to early September, then congratulations to you that you have come up with a key step in pregnancy. In early July September to early pregnancy was the most suitable, so the early response coincided with the fall, to avoid the summer effect on appetite, and in late summer and early autumn fruit variety of vegetables, fresh and delicious, the pregnant mothers of early pregnancy symptoms disappeared, increased appetite, and can provide sufficient nutrition to plan nutrition for the mother. Indoor and outdoor air pollution had significant effect on the early embryo. Sulfur dioxide in ambient air in winter, the highest concentration of total suspended particles, the rate of birth defects of 7.8%o, the lowest concentration in summer and autumn, birth rate of 5-5. 8 per thousand. 7-8 month of pregnancy, but also makes the most early pregnancy to avoid the cold sensitive delicate and pollution is serious in winter, early spring next year at carrying influenza virus rash, when pregnancy has reached the middle has had a good fetal teratogenic)相关的主题文章:

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