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Creating your own blog is an excellent way to share your knowledge and opinions on a subject with world, interact with like minded people and master internet marketing skills. Once you have chosen a subject to blog about there are a few things that you can do that will help you to become an expert blogger. Here is a list of the things that will help you get started when you decide to write your very own blog: Write As Often As Possible If at all possible try and write ever day if you can. At the very least jot a few ideas down to give you something to work with but try to maintain some kind of routine. It may be a struggle at the start but once you are writing consistantly it will soon become second nature. 2). Keep A Note Pad Keeping a note pad to hand will help you to remember any ideas that crop up during the day (the best ideas come at the strangest times!). When you’re finally ready to sit down and write you’ll be best prepared if you have a few ideas to go at. Decide The Best Time To Write Some people like to write early in the morning others late at night. Some people like to find a quiet place where they won’t be disturbed, everyone is different so it’s a case of finding what best suits you. 4). Variety Is The Spice Of Life As much as possible try to Change your writing style by writing posts that are of different lengths and styles. The ‘how to’ list is an effective way to captivate your readers attention but remember, keep it varied and you’ll have your readers coming back for more. 5). Contribute To The Conversation Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and say what you feel. That way people will feel that you are a real person and make a connection with you. Not everybody will always agree with what you say but at least you’ll get some response from your readers if you write some thought provoking and sometimes controversial material. 6). Be Yourself Let your personality shine through. Some of the best blogs are really personal and give you a glimpse of the author’s personality. Ideally you want to say something interesting but at the end of the day just be yourself. The beauty of internet is that whatever you write about there’s almost certainly an audience for it. 7). Be Transparent Try to put some personal details about yourself so people can contact you. A little bit of biographical information about you and a picture always go down well too. 8). Use The Best Technology It’s always better to have a proper website address and not one from a free blogging company. One of the most popular and commonly used blogging platforms is wordpress. 9). Linking And Loving Try to link to other peoples blogs that are related to yours in some way. Don’t just leave short comments just to get a link to your site as google will frown upon it. Make sure you leave an interesting and informative comment that other visitors will read and possibly follow to you site (free traffic). Use Images To Brighten Up Your Blog Pictures and illustrations are essential. Just imagine if you picked up your favourite magazine and there were no pictures inside, boring huh? A good picture in the right place on your blog post helps to illustrate the point you are making and draws in readers. 11). Write In An Everyday Language Avoid using abbreviations or words that are too technical. Make your posts readable and easy for people to understand and try not to go for crazy colours or unreadable fonts. Be aware of how people read on computer screens. People tend to scan when they reading online so use catchy headlines that will grab the readers attention. 12). Monitor Your Stats Anyone who is a serious about blogging will monitor where visitors to their site to see where most of the traffic is coming from. There is a plugin for wordpress blogd called google analyticator that will enable you to monitor traffic to your blog. 13). Market Your Blog Promote your blog at every opportunity. You might have the world’s greatest blog but if no one knows about it then it won’t be found. There are lots of free methods of marketing your blog for example social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Every time you post content to your blog you can upload it to your twitter account to notify your followers and get visitors to your site. Enjoy Being A Blogger! The most important thing is to enjoy blogging and have fun sharing your knowledge and thoughts with the world. If you are interested and enthusiastic about what you write about then it will shine through in all your posts and everything you do. 相关的主题文章:

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