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UnCategorized Whether you’re shopping for your first quality mattress or for a .fortable replacement, many things must be taken into consideration as you search for the perfect night’s sleep. Here are a few things to think about when you’re looking for the mattress that will fit your needs. The first, and possibly the easiest, decision you’ll have to make is what size mattress to purchase. The best way to visualize the sizes is to visit a mattress store and see them side by side. Do you want to pay more for a king mattress, or is a queen spacey enough? Measure Your Area Before you leave to peruse the stores, measure the space where you’ll be putting your new bed. Even in the same sizes, some mattresses are thicker than others, and this could affect how they fit in your bed frame. You wouldn’t want to buy a mattress to bring it home and find that it just doesn’t fit in your frame. The Cost Consideration Prices on mattresses vary tremendously. The cost will depend upon many factors including size, quality, materials and even the fabric outer layer. In addition, there is the overhead the mattress stores use to make their money. Find the best deals. Look online or go to local stores. There is almost always some type of sale or promotion going on. Call local stores and ask about special deals. If a mattress store features price matching, be wary. Different stores will often have the same mattress by the same .pany, but with a different name or fabric, making it technically a different mattress. Check out local mattress warehouses and specialty stores to save money from buying at a fancier furniture store. Test Test Test The most important thing about mattress shopping is to test, test, test. When a mattress appeals to you, sit down on it. Are you more .fortable on a soft or firm mattress? Either way you should feel supported when you sit down. Stand up again, and make sure the mattress springs back into shape. If it holds its shape and slowly normalizes, it may be of lesser quality. The next step in choosing is to lie down on the mattress. If you’re shopping for a mattress, and the store does not allow you to lie down, take your business elsewhere. You’re shopping for a place where you’ll be spending a great deal of your time, and that will affect your sleep for years to .e. If you normally toss and turn at night, try the mattress on all your sides and see how it feels. Don’t be afraid to really test it out. Most mattress stores will understand if you want to lie on the mattress for 10 minutes, and try it in different positions. If you often sit up in bed to read or watch TV, sit on it for a while to make sure it’s .fortable. If you generally sleep on your back or stomach, a firm mattress can be a good choice. If you’re a side sleeper, a softer mattress may meet your .fort needs. When testing mattresses, make sure that your shoulder and hip sink into the mattress but your spine stays straight. If you share your bed, it’s a good idea for both people to go mattress shopping together. Having the weight of two people on the bed can change the feel of the mattress and the distribution of weight. The .fort of both people should be taken into consideration. Ask Questions Ask a lot of questions. If you’re looking at traditional spring beds, ask about the coil count. A good full size mattress should have at least 600 coils, and a queen should have at least 800. High quality mattresses will likely have more. Once you’ve chosen a mattress, make sure to inquire about whether they offer free delivery and if they can dispose of your old mattress. If your old mattress was manufactured before 1973, it should not be donated or re-used since it could be a fire hazard. In the end, what really matters is your .fort. Go to the store. Lie down on the mattress. Price doesn’t make a difference if you’re not .fortably getting a good night’s sleep. This is a decision that you’ll live with for up to the next 10 years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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