How To Stop Your Dog Jumping The

Pets There are various problem behaviors that a canine might possibly manifest when it grows older. Many of these behaviors may seem inexplicable to the dog owner, whilst some have an easy explanation. Usually, these types of bad dog behaviours may be stopped through properly training the dog when it’s a pup, showing him what the expected behavior is and correcting any behaviors that do not conform to that. If the dog owner is consistent with reinforcing the appropriate behaviours and correcting the improper behaviors, the owner will usually have a well trained canine when it gets older. However, there may be a few behaviours which will crop up and need to be addressed. Preventing a dog from jumping a fence can be quite a challenging behaviour to stop in many dogs. Part of the reason behind this is that the behaviour is inherently reinforced by the behaviour, since the dog will get liberty each and every time he’s successful in jumping the fence. The initial step to stopping a dog from jumping the fence is to think about the likely reasons that he is jumping it. Many dogs jump fences simply because they are bored. Spending much more time with the puppy each day, actively playing with him and taking him for a walk can help solve the problem. In some cases, particularly when the dog is not spayed or neutered, the dog may be jumping the fence because of its libido. In other cases, it may be simply trying to pursue another dog or could possibly be seeking to follow people who give it attention when they are passing by, regardless of whether negative or positive attention. The next step to stop a puppy from jumping the fence is to take a look at the fencing in the yard. When the dog is able to see out of the fence, it is re.mended to obstruct his view to ensure that he is not lured by what he spots. All openings must be stopped up where the dog could be getting away. If the puppy is climbing the fence, there are some materials that can be placed on the inside of the fence to make it slippery, and too difficult to climb any further. There is plastic sheeting that can be nailed to the fence which is slippery, as well as chicken wire. Yet another way to stop a dog from jumping the fence would be to place some kind of obstruction where he is most likely to climb or jump it. Shrubbery make the perfect deterrent, and also other plants or decorations. This helps you to stop the ability of the puppy to get a running start to jump the fence, consequently preventing the behaviour. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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