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Hu Heping: pay close attention to the project construction and industrial upgrading   to ensure stable and healthy economic development, local leaders — original title: to promote the industry to promote steady growth of investment for the stable and healthy economic development and contribute to the afternoon of August 30th, governor Hu Heping in the Shaanxi nonferrous metals Group Industrial Park Research Ltd. Reporter Mu Jialiang photo August 30th afternoon, (Shaanxi) governor Hu Heping in the Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group Industrial Park after investigation. He stressed that the provincial state-owned enterprises to promote steady growth, play a key role in investment, pay close attention to the project construction and industrial upgrading, to ensure stable and healthy development of the economy. Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group molybdenum production and processing capacity ranks three in the world, the first in Asia, the group molybdenum metal industrial park, the introduction of the molybdenum processing industry in the world’s advanced production equipment, is China’s important molybdenum industry base. Hu Heping went into the molybdenum products factory and molybdenum sheet factory, a detailed understanding of the molybdenum powder production line, molybdenum sheet and strip production line technology and equipment production and sales situation, encourage enterprises to seize the opportunity of the national industrial structure adjustment, vigorously develop the deep processing of molybdenum products, increase the added value to further extend the industrial chain, and strive to be the world’s most powerful Mo product suppliers. Subsequently, Hu peace and Shaanxi nonferrous group leadership forum. He pointed out that the province is in the middle of the transition to the middle and late stages of industrialization, industrial upgrading, new economic growth is very broad space. Provincial large state-owned industrial enterprises to foster the development of new energy and the upgrading of traditional products combine to play an important supporting role for the stable economic growth, promote effective investment. To insist on driving wheel leading innovation and capital operation, rely on technological progress and development of new products, develop new markets, financial play a positive role in economic development through capital investment operations. To take the initiative to strengthen and downstream applications industry in the design, production, maintenance and other aspects of cooperation, actively develop new formats and marketing mode, promote enterprise and industry production linkage, continue to extend the industrial chain, improve the degree of aggregation, enhance competitiveness. To give full play to the advantages of capital, technology, and vigorously implement the "going out" strategy, and actively carry out international cooperation in production capacity, expand the development of space in the expansion of opening up. To deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, to further improve the modern enterprise system, improve corporate governance structure, optimize the production process, through scientific and meticulous management of quality and efficiency. Hu Heping stressed that all departments at all levels should supply side structural reform as the main line, accurate analysis, precise force, do everything possible to support the backbone of the leading enterprises bigger and stronger. To further promote the put tube service reform to help companies reduce production and operating costs, and strive to create a good environment for the development of various types of market players. Chen Guoqiang, Secretary General of the provincial government and provincial departments responsible person to participate in research. (Yu Hai Chong, Ma Liya: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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