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Hu Xia "Daily" exposure entertainment unspoken rule love will kill Hu Xia and brother every day entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news ten tonight, Hunan TV "every day" "music season ending –" champion singer "blockbuster finale, Chen Chusheng, Liang Bo, Hu Xia, Liu Weisi music show champion in the first stage. A "those years" so that singer Hu Xia into the public view. In this program, Hu Xia turned boy upright, the liberation of nature "be yourself" explosion of entertainment unspoken rule, had to admit is a "threat": love will be blocked. Tonight, "every day" "Music Season" ushered in the "champion king" concert. From the "Happy Boys" "The Voice of China" "super star avenue" "I-I show" four music talent show in the title in the "Daily" talent shows itself together, share draft age sour, sweet, bitter, hot. "Super star avenue" Hu Xia won when he was only nineteen years old, six years in the past, on the "every day" Hu Xia dressed in a white shirt, jeans, not only to become more handsome, more faded green. On the stage, mature Hu Xia show is different from the blunt side, said: "I do now is to let go of myself". Chen Chusheng, Liang Bo, Hu Xia, because Liu Wei is a music contest, and "every day" in the program reproduced in the game scene, Hu Xia not only offer a "shining day". The site also suffered every brother hot question: "do you think the bright days how close you are?" Hu Xia confidently replied: "shiny days have been in". Recalling the end of the game, the first line of the day, Hu Xia said with a smile, at that time did not dare to answer questions from the media, but also told not to fall in love, said it would be blocked". And asked for so many years, only a song "those years" was sung, heart feel optimistic, Hu Xia responded: "to have a song you know well". Hu Xia is still on the scene and every day to share the experience of playing the game Wang Yibo brothers, show the nature of the big boy. In addition, Hu Xia and Liu Wei also staged a love to kill "of the story: the original Hu Xia and Liu Weiliang in the audience is the friend. Hu Xia said, this time to "every day", with Liu Weizuo to the plane, on the plane Liu Wei secretly asked himself there with the band. In the "king of Champions tournament" link, Liu Wei, Liang Bo and Chen Chusheng before the concert was shaking hands, Hu Xia questioned public relations: "this is a campaign?" The comments link two people is also one by one verse frequent, constantly hilarious. More exciting, tune in tonight ten Hunan satellite TV "every day", "music" season ending, the champion singer, who!相关的主题文章:

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