Huang Yuansheng, a famous journalist in the Republic of China, ordered the assassination of Sun Zhon kasey chase

Huang Yuansheng, a famous journalist in the Republic of China, ordered the assassination of Sun Zhongshan? [Abstract] according to the existing historical data disclosure, the assassination of Huang Yuansheng has some mysteries unravel some of the mysteries to unravel, and different opinions about the case can be reduced. The first Chinese reporter Huang Yuansheng (known as the base, the word far Yong, pseudonym Yuansheng is famous for the creation of communication, news) has more than one hundred years ago was assassinated, the media not only on this pile assassination statement consistent, but more and more differences. Read some books published in recent years, there is all kinds of people confused: when Huang Yuansheng was assassinated? Some said that in December 25, 1915, some said in December 27th this year; and where? Some say the United States of San Francisco Shanghai building, some said San Francisco Guangzhou building, also said that a local "sell wonton stall"; he was the last moment of life doing what? Some say to pay for the meal, some said dinner alone, also said that the progress party just attended the banquet; few people kill? Some say one, some say two…… In fact, the assassination of witnesses, in 1915 San Francisco World Expo (also known as the Panama tournament) the Chinese delegation Lu Wenyu had written over the scene at the time, but little attention. He described as follows (from the 2002 publication of "historical data" selected manuscripts):12 25 evening I asked Kenneth Chan and Zhang Wenhan to the San Francisco Chinese port opened in Shanghai building…… Having dinner Huang (the United States and tournament Zhili visit member) le (Jia Zao), Guo (Jia Yun) also at the dinner, dinner, yellow to the counter to pay for the meal…… No one promised. Huang Chen, Zhang and I turned around to say hello. At this time the "hatchet man" (by a counter across a large room), under the stairs to level two or three, with a thirteen gun shooting hand turned yellow, first played on my head, I come to behind the glass mirror, the following are the second bomb in yellow, yellow in the rush to scream, his seat before the meal fell to the ground dead. During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Tianjin history researcher Wang Yong announced, referring to a "collection" of Panama tournament Zhili view, found Lu Wenyu for the assassination of Huang Yuansheng and his painting brush inscription, a scene witnessed the sketch map. The book contains the music of the "general assembly to participate in the diary" in the case of some records. "Guizhou history research literature world" magazine in 2014 tenth, Pang Sichun Li Fang journal article said that the relevant records Jiazao music journal manuscripts than "Panama" with the Series tournament Zhili view. Lu Wenyu’s articles, notes and diagrams have been confirmed in Le Jiazao diary. Without a doubt, December 25, 1915, Huang Yuansheng was assassinated in San Francisco Shanghai floor in front of the counter, the scene was an assassin shot. And who is the assassin? Who accepted the instructions, Yuan Shikai, Sun Zhongshan or the Kuomintang America branch responsible person Tomlinson? Due to weak historical data, there will inevitably be controversial. In 1985, in Jiangxi, Jiujiang at the Huang Yuansheng seminar, Jinan University in Guangzhou, and yellow sand, the Sun Wen Shuo said, yellow sand in 1984 to visit the United States, visit a Chinese American old man (I want to be!相关的主题文章:

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