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HUAWEI Mate 9 depth evaluation: domestic beyond iPhone 7P possible – Sohu technology full text of 3889 words, 50 pictures, reading takes about 8 minutes, but it may be the fastest and most comprehensive evaluation of HUAWEI Mate 9 graphics technology of Sohu Lv Linxuan Mate 9 can be regarded as the most heavy products this month, first released in foreign countries when Porsche design version sold 10 thousand + high prices, and later returned to the country with multiple versions to meet the user need to purchase multiple levels of consumption, so that consumers purchase enthusiasm instantly burst. As the annual flagship HUAWEI, Mate 9 is to go the full range of high-end ones, the author got the ceramic white version of the mobile phone and bring the evaluation first hand. Appearance: delicate and restrained for HUAWEI Mate 9 equipped with a variety of material collocation, so look and feel when I can talk about this matter of factly on the ceramic white version of Mate 9. The whole front of the phone is still using 2.5D glass and ID borderless design, the screen is good enough. Of course, light up the screen after I still on the black side is not satisfied, this is ID common frame design but compared to the previous generation still has improved, so I would still recommend buying the front panel of the black black version, is this year’s fashion color. A major feature is also thin, actually I have no special perception, because I understand that HUAWEI is used in the design of arc back shell + double edge cutting process has effect, but this is really a very good design, diluted the body with the big 5.9 inch screen the mobile phone will become more sense of technology, and the texture has been greatly improved, hold up is called hand hand, as I still in the grip of the acceptance of mobile phone. But I didn’t really love this ceramic white version with two cutting edge of the frame, because most of the time of metal cutting edges are reflective black tone, compared with white body is very strong, so that the frame is very complex, so the sentence: buy black. In addition to force Tucao one is seen to follow the symmetrical design of the Mate 9 is in the box layout for a change, whether or not the middle button slot, which is almost a fruit a hammer or part of OCD patients strongly opposed. Unlike Mate 9 Pro, Mate 9 still places the fingerprint on the back. The back design is better than expected. Mate 9 fuselage made of magnesium material forming characteristics, while using ceramic bead sand makes back appears very moist, almost no metal cold dry, but also inevitably leave fingerprints. Of course, the entire back of the most absorbing eye or camera area, the overall use of symmetrical design, two cameras for vertical arrangement, slightly raised by metal band. The left side is a double color flash, the right side is the laser focusing element. Fingerprint recognition is round, in order to facilitate the identification of the location, do a little concave processing. The appearance design of the ceramic white version of the Mate 9 compared to the previous generation is more gentle, not so rough atmosphere, it is more.相关的主题文章:

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