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Hubei fugitive arrest details: Transform multiple routes ran home to sleep when he was caught – Beijing today (29) around 1 in the morning, Hubei Caidian Prison Criminals to escape the Lei, 5 days later, was arrested in Hubei Chibi. It is reported that Lei Jun is 45 years old, Hubei Chibi people, because of kidney disease, September 19th, the Hanyang criminal Hospital of Wuhan city hospital diagnosis, surgery, escape from the hospital early in the morning of September 24th. The record had escaped with anti reconnaissance consciousness Lei Lei in the hospital is how to get rid of the guards escaped? He was in the hospital at that time what kind of environment? In fact, Lei Jun had escaped criminal record, and because the record was aggravating, because of this experience, Lei Jun showed a strong anti reconnaissance consciousness in the process of escape. Lei Jun ward near the nursing station door lock at Department of Urology in Hanyang hospital ward 408 criminal ward, he is the only one, in order to guard his door with lock, next to the nursing station ward. But he escaped after police did not see his shadow from the monitor, but found that he escaped in the initial trajectory followed by the transfer of city monitoring…… Lei Jun to take the black car across two provinces throughout the city with more than 1 mobile phone early in the morning of September 24th, Lei taxi arrived at the Wuchang Railway Station Wuchang district across the sailing Hotel disappeared, probably only need ten minutes from reporters today to escape the Lei Lei in line, after the transfer did not stop when they arrived in Xianning, followed by a series of arrival home in Chibi, at this time he did not stay, but arrived in Linxiang, and to take the black car, after crossing two province city, transfer times. In order to escape the police chase, Lei Jun did not use mobile phone in the escape process, showing his very strong sense of anti reconnaissance. The trial is Lei Jun, as to why he had just won the 11 months when choosing such commutation to escape, we can understand in May after the trial. Specific news CCTV news will continue to follow up the new media.相关的主题文章:

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