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Hubei start of unit 48 provincial universities and provincial Party school inspection in September 22nd, the Hubei provincial inspection work leading group held the third round of the 2016 inspections mobilization, arrangements of 48 provincial universities and provincial Party School (Provincial Administration College), Hubei Hong’an Institute of inspection work, the meeting stressed the need to unswervingly deepen political patrol patrol. High quality and efficient completion of inspections cover all tasks. This year 3 to August, according to the provincial leading group for the deployment of patrol, the provincial 11 inspection teams focused political inspection, adhere to problem oriented, to adopt a "prop two" or "three support", continuous fighting, stubble pressing forward, has completed the inspection of the 85 provincial units, found a number of clues outstanding problems and value problems, urge the rectification and dealt with a number of issues, highlighting the role of the sword patrol, the formation of a strong deterrent. At the same time, the city has also launched a comprehensive inspection tour to promote the extension and expansion of inspections to the grassroots. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to clear the task, strengthen the responsibility, unswervingly promote political inspections. Implementation of the political inspection requirements, placed in front of us is the first and most urgent task is to promote the full coverage of the current term of the provincial Party committee inspections. To complete the inspection of the full coverage of the task, to ensure the quality of inspections, continue to do a good job of inspection results. To grasp the characteristics, pay attention to methods, to ensure that the provincial universities inspection work to achieve tangible results. The method of the inspection object, scope, content and focus on key way than before visiting cities and counties, provincial units and state-owned enterprises, there is a big difference, it is necessary to strengthen the political responsibility, make full preparations in thought, organization, business, etc., the use of scientific methods, complete inspection tasks of provincial colleges and universities. According to the 2016 provincial third inspection work arrangements, the provincial 11 inspection teams from the beginning of the end of September, will in turn for provincial universities, provincial Party School (Provincial Administration College), Hubei Hong’an cadre institute to carry out inspections. By the end of the year, the provincial Party committee will achieve full coverage during the term of office.相关的主题文章:

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