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Hunan administrative fees and then downsizing was reduced from 90 to 72 charges list and then downsizing outside the list of administrative fees and government funds, shall be charged for Voices Online News September 26th (reporter Liu Dexin correspondent Li Maiqun Luo Yunfeng) Provincial Department of finance, the provincial development and Reform Commission recently released the latest "Hunan the provincial administrative fees list", "Hunan province Sheqi administrative fees list" and "Hunan province government fund list". Compared with the 2015 edition, 2016 edition of the announcement of the list again "downsizing": "Hunan province administrative fees list" was reduced from 90 to 72, of which 49 were Sheqi administrative fees; "Hunan province government fund list" from 17 to 12 reduction. According to the list of housing transfer fees, medical products for the first time registration fee, fee, protection of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine of livestock and livestock and poultry products inspection and quarantine inspection and inspection of agricultural veterinary drug approval fees, fees, fees for new products of measurement instruments test prototype of 7 administrative fees for Small and micro businesses shall be exempted; mineral resources compensation landscaping, fees, tolls, the ship price verification, inspection, quality supervision departments barcode examination fees collection standards have been reduced to zero, the forest right survey fee in full exemption, not included in the directory list. 12 Hunan province government funds include: loan funds, special fund of new wall materials, port construction fees, the forest vegetation restoration fee, water conservancy construction funds, reservoir resettlement support fund, city utilities surcharge, culture construction fee, the surcharge for education, local education surcharge, special fund for the disabled employment security national film industry development gold. Bulk cement special fund has been incorporated into new wall material special fund, large and medium-sized reservoir area fund, small reservoir resettlement assistance fund merged into local reservoir resettlement support fund. The catalogue contains no central and central units in Hunan. The provincial finance department and the provincial development and Reform Commission stressed that the administrative charges and government funds other than the list of contents are not allowed to be implemented, and citizens, legal persons and other organizations have the right to refuse to pay. The administrative charges and governmental funds of the central unit in Hunan Province shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Finance and the relevant documents of the national development and reform commission. In the implementation process, if the administrative charges and government fund projects change, the directory list will be updated in time. Since January 2011, a total of 132 administrative charges have been cancelled and suspended in our province, which has reduced the burden on enterprises and society by about 3 billion yuan annually.

湖南行政事业性收费再“瘦身” 由90项减少到72项   收费目录清单再“瘦身”   清单之外的行政事业性收费和政府性基金,一律不得收取   华声在线9月26日讯(记者 柳德新 通讯员 李迈群 罗云峰) 省财政厅、省发改委日前公布最新的《湖南省行政事业性收费目录清单》、《湖南省涉企行政事业性收费目录清单》和《湖南省政府性基金目录清单》。与2015年版相比,此次公布的2016年版目录清单再次“瘦身”:《湖南省行政事业性收费目录清单》由90项减少到72项,其中49项为涉企行政事业性收费;《湖南省政府性基金目录清单》由17项精减为12项。   根据目录清单,房屋转让手续费、医疗器械产品首次注册费、中药品种保护费、畜禽及畜禽产品检疫检验检测、兽药审批检验收费、农机收费、计量器具新产品定型样机试验费等7项行政事业性收费项目,对小微企业免征;矿产资源补偿费、园林绿化费、船舶通行费、涉案物价价格鉴证、条形码检验、质监部门考核等收费项目征收标准已降为零,林权勘测费全额免征,不再列入目录清单。   12项湖南省政府性基金包括:农网还贷资金、新型墙体材料专项基金、港口建设费、森林植被恢复费、水利建设基金、水库移民扶持基金、城市公用事业附加、文化事业建设费、教育费附加、地方教育附加、残疾人就业保障金、国家电影事业发展专项资金。散装水泥专项资金已并入新型墙体材料专项基金,大中型水库库区基金、小型水库移民扶助基金合并为地方水库移民扶持基金。目录清单不含中央及中央单位在湖南执收项目。   省财政厅、省发改委强调,目录清单之外的行政事业性收费和政府性基金,一律不得执行,公民、法人和其他组织有权拒绝缴纳。 中央在湘单位的行政事业性收费和政府性基金项目,按照财政部、国家发展改革委有关文件的规定执行。执行过程中,若行政事业性收费和政府性基金项目发生变化,将及时更新目录清单内容。   2011年1月以来,我省累计取消和暂停征收132项行政事业性收费,累计每年减轻企业和社会负担约30亿元。相关的主题文章:

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