Ideas For Squeezing Exercise Into Your Hectic

Health If only there were more hours in a day! Life is busy and frequently exercise seems to take a back seat to everything else we have going on in our lives. With all the benefits we get from regular exercise, we all should really make time to fit in some physical exercise into our daily schedule. Your body and mind will thank you for it! The following are some tips for helping to fit some physical exercise into your day. Bring a sandwich to work. Instead of spending your time and money buying food at work, pack a sandwich and take it with you on a walk or run. This way you can get some exercise in and eat when you get tired. If you usually eat with your co-workers, get them to pack a lunch and tag along with you. An added benefit is getting out of the office in the fresh air will help give your mind a break. Work out instead of vegging out. We all have one or two television programs we just have to watch. Just because you’re watching your favorite show doesn’t mean you have to be sitting on your couch. You can use this time to do stretches, sit ups, or even lift weights. If you’re really ambitious, you can try aerobics or running in place. Take less coffee breaks. Tomorrow, use a clock or stopwatch and add up how much time you spend on coffee breaks. If you cut back on coffee, you could use the additional time to walk around the office or climb the steps of your building. Plus, the endorphins from exercise are considered more energizing than coffee, Use exercise as a social event. If you spend a lot of time during your week talking with one of your friends, encourage them to be your workout buddy. Instead of sitting at a diner or a coffee shop to chat, spend the time jogging or going to the gym. Do some housework. No, your husband/wife did not pay me to put this in here. Cleaning the garage, cutting the grass, tending to the garden, and even dusting are all great ways to get a work out. Housework makes you stretch, works your muscles, and gets your heart pumping; all essential for staying in shape. The most important part of any exercise plan is sticking with it. Make a plan and follow it. If you start slowly, you’ll eventually have a great exercise plan that works into your busy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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