Imagine the future of Baidu Robin Li said artificial intelligence is the core of Baidu core sweets parade

Imagine the future of Baidu? Robin Li said that artificial intelligence is the core of Baidu’s core technology the Tencent "today’s keynote speech Han Yimin will focus on artificial intelligence." At today’s Baidu World Congress, Robin Li as the beginning of this speech. Baidu Baidu World Congress is a most important conference once a year, in this conference, Baidu founder, CEO Robin Li and Baidu an important business responsible person will "go see", for the outside world about the strategic thinking of the future of Baidu, as well as the next development focus. Therefore, Baidu World Congress to become a glimpse of the outside world Baidu development strategy, development planning, an important window of the center of gravity, in this window, Robin Li’s position is particularly concerned. In this year’s Baidu World Conference, Robin Li’s speech all around Baidu artificial intelligence strategy. Baidu’s new core: artificial intelligence Baidu how to look at artificial intelligence? Baidu’s artificial intelligence is now at what level? What are the applications of Baidu’s artificial intelligence? For these problems, Robin Li in his speech to answer. In the continuation of the previous 2016 Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summer summit point of view, Robin Li believes that the development of the Internet is the first act of PC Internet era, the second act is the mobile Internet, but the mobile Internet era is leaving us, and represent the future of the next scene, is the artificial intelligence. Baidu how to look at artificial intelligence, Robin Li said: artificial intelligence is the core of Baidu core." Specifically, artificial intelligence to Baidu’s specific product is Baidu brain, according to Robin Li introduction, Baidu brain is composed of three parts: artificial intelligence (neural network algorithm for large scale), computing power (hundreds of thousands of servers to be calculated, based on the GPU), big data. Baidu brain’s ability to have four main areas: the ability of speech (speech synthesis, speech recognition), the ability of the image, the ability of Natural Language Processing and user portrait of these four capabilities. Robin Li introduction, Baidu has entered a more mature stage in terms of voice capabilities, these four capabilities have also been a practical case. Through the specific example of Robin Li, in the specific application of artificial intelligence, still around Baidu’s current business. For example, Robin Li site for example voice recognition capabilities to help customers get the phone sales, image recognition technology based on AI capabilities to help advertisers do marketing. In addition to the focus on existing business applications, Robin Li also mentioned some representatives of the future direction of the product, such as frequently mentioned Baidu unmanned vehicle, Peru (voice assistant, use the language to communicate with people). Robin Li announced that the full capacity of Baidu’s brain will be open to the outside world, and many will be provided free of charge. The following is the full text of Robin Li speech: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Welcome to the 2016 Baidu world. As we all know, Baidu world is our annual Baidu technology innovation conference. The theme of this year we focused on artificial intelligence, we received an invitation before has seen this theme. Just the opening of the video is based on artificial intelligence as the theme, today I will focus on the theme of artificial intelligence to expand. In June this year, i!相关的主题文章:

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