In May of speculation quarterly performance face to prevent pit in advance

In May of speculation quarterly performance face to advance against "the pit" three quarterly performance pre hi companies accounted for on the performance of face to advance against "the pit" so far over 60% quarterly market speculation in full swing, three quarterly results notice, the disclosure of which has more than one thousand listed companies, the results of pre hi house number 725 home, accounting for about 66.82%. The agencies are chasing yejiyuzeng stock investment opportunities in the three quarter. However, some market participants suggested that in view of A stock market performance face is too widespread speculation investors three quarterly market following the mechanism should also be wary of "face" shares. According to the Guangzhou Daily reporter Yang Xinju flush iFinD statistics, as of last Friday’s close, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two, a total of 1095 companies released three quarterly results notice, which advance by 263, continued earnings 137, 93 losses, a slight increase of 237, the total number of pre hi companies reached 730; media, automobile and steel three the industry accounted for the number of pre hi companies within the industry has released results notice the proportion of the number of top companies. 4 billion 700 million yuan into the performance of double pre growth stocks, Hualian holdings, Ryan wisdom Industrial Science and technology, Hinur, Hunan and Hunan Hengyi Petrochemical shares earnings growth among the top. Ryan wisdom is expected to net profit 1~9 months attributable to shareholders of listed companies 135 million yuan ~18900 million yuan, an increase of 39027.34%~54598.27%, which is currently already disclosed three quarterly notice in advance by the king "". There are 133 companies in the stock market last week by the funds rush to raise, the cumulative net inflow of large single capital 6 billion 356 million yuan. In the three quarter is expected to net profit at the same time the report identified growth stocks in net profit growth, rising stocks and shares last week to achieve large net inflow of funds of 75, cumulative absorption reached 4 billion 684 million yuan. Among them, the happiness of blue, Chi technology, Yubo news, the Bank of Ningbo, Chun Hing Seiko, commodity city, Guangdong hydropower, Koyo shares, LLL shares, goldenmax, Department of power, long letter Technology of 12 blue chip stocks last week to achieve double growth rose and large net inflow of funds were over 100 million yuan. The performance of face is normal sized plate face the highest rate however, the market for retail market speculation the three quarter following a more cautious attitude, some market participants said that in view of A stock market performance face is too widespread, the current stir three quarterly, vigilant performance face of the listed companies investors. The reporters found that in fact each round of performance forecast will be the performance of listed companies face". Wind data show that in 2016 just pull down the curtain of disclosure, a total of 95 companies in the first half of the performance of the "face", there are 10 companies in the first half clearly have different degrees of loss, among them, there are 6 companies appear first loss, the other 4 companies is continued losses. In the small and medium-sized enterprise board, after the 71 companies have revised the first half of the performance prediction, performance of the company face. Among them, although the operating performance is better than previously expected cases, but there are no shortage of sudden profit from a loss. Look at the 2015 annual report disclosure, a total of 1435 listed companies issued losses?相关的主题文章:

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