In order to prevent the South Korean government should do Note7 Zaibao t420s

In order to prevent the South Korean government should do Note7 Zaibao Samsung Note 7 customer service encounter "serial" battery explosion, so this is Samsung’s flagship product high hopes for the prospect of becoming slim. Fortunately, Samsung in the global recall of Note 7 and solved the battery problem, in the end of the month will resume sales. However, in the event has not yet completely subsided under the premise of Samsung how to do to make users feel at ease? According to foreign media reports, in September 22nd the Korea technology and Standards Bureau issued a statement saying that the new version of Samsung Note 7 battery security issues have been resolved. At the same time, the South Korean government also asked Samsung before delivery, forcing battery suppliers to do X phone battery light inspection, in order to confirm the safety of the battery. In order to distinguish between the new machine and the first shipments of mobile phones, Samsung will be added to the updated system to display a special battery icon, which means that a new batch of battery safety Note 7 battery icon will become green. Even the South Korean government came out for the Samsung platform, I believe Note7 users can be more assured. But, finally get through the battery explosion event Samsung Note7, and with iPhone 7 series a war of courage?相关的主题文章:

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