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In the song "innocence" hazy love and self – Exploration of online entertainment Sohu   in the song "innocent" hazy "on-line entertainment news Sohu following the" self exposure, "innocence" in the hazy main lyric line today. Simple, soothing music continues on the album song style is different, in addition to the content of love and not love thinking, explore more of humanity and self. If it is "self" is to break up the pain and sadness, the "innocence" is thinking after breaking up with you. Before the recording, the producer and the discussion on the expression of the song for a long time: This is not a strong emotional songs, what is the nature of the torture of love, or the love of the past to appease? This feeling is more helpless, or regret? Regret? Blame yourself? Doubt? "Innocence" is in fact the past has been denied a complaint, the evidence is the past bit by bit, whether it is tears or joy, have proved true love. And love is the best excuse. After the breakup of the injured people seem to be victims, always love to keep a unwilling heart, but in the haze in the trial seems to be the defendant’s defense, instead of love, comfort everyone. It is like a simmering feeling, like the night the quiet stream, but the surface has a stirring and circuitous mood. And like the city in the seemingly calm night, every window may hide a broken heart. Will choose such a song, to prove that the hazy is growing, mature, the process is no longer satisfied with the love, the appearance of things to observe, there are more things to consider and explore the nature of. No matter what the result is, the whole process is the most important thing in music. In the dim hope that through such a song to tell the outside world they want to do more like their own music, not just a simple love song, saliva song. "Innocence" producer specially invited to the new money money producer Mr. ray, ray teacher at the same time as the well-known composer, Hua Chenyu Na Ying, "Twilight" "Silence" are from his pen. "Innocence" this song to describe the most complex tangle with the most simple rhythm, which is based on a song, so the main melody of the song by the piano as the main instrument, the piano melodies lead the whole song ups and downs. This is exactly what the teacher is good at. This song’s composer Yu Heng teacher who wrote many popular songs, such as Fish Leong "breathing pain", Z-Chen "poet", "Twins", "Li Yuchun, you are brave to drown the fish", lyricist Huang Zishan teacher also worked with a number of artists, such as Huang Jinglun, Jiang Yuchen, Chen Weiquan etc.. From the current point of view, the new album of the same name "to" obscure two songs have a bold attempt, this attempt is not ostentatious, but with their contrast, contrast with the past, find their own new. This allows us to be curious: the next in the dim, will bring us what kind of surprise?!相关的主题文章:

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